The Daily Grind Video

1. Pharrell Williams

NBC's '74th Annual Golden Globe Awards' - Red Carpet Arrivals Source:Getty

Pharrell has secretly been taking dips in the fountain of youth, obviously.

2. Andre 3000

2016 ONE Musicfest Source:Getty

The 42-year old is still the Zaddy prototype.

3. Q-Tip

Exclusive Listening Event at The Hayden Planetarium for the Highly-Anticipated Release By Jay-Z and Kanye West,'Watch The Throne' (Available August 8th) Source:Getty

Over 30 years in the game and 47-year old Q-Tip is still such a vivrant thing.

4. Marlon Wayans

'Red, White and Bootsy' 4th Of July Event Source:Getty

Marlon Wayans is 43 going on 20-fine.

5. Nas

'The Get Down' Part 2 New York Kickoff Party Source:Getty

42-year old Nas could still walk in a room and take your girl — just like he could 20 years ago.

6. Larenz Tate

2016 Luda Day Weekend Source:Getty

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if Larenz Tate photos are from 2017 or 1997. Still fine.

7. Boris Kodjoe

Hennessy Hosts Pre-GRAMMY Awards Dinner For LL COOL J - Arrivals Source:Getty

The 43-year old is actually defying the laws of the universe with his perfect skin and lack of wrinkles.

8. Michael Ealy

Michael Ealy Source:Getty

The 44-year old just gets finer with time, like wine.

9. Will Smith

The Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts And Sciences' Governors Awards Source:Getty

We’re still waiting on Will Smith to outgrow his Fresh Prince look. Nearly 30 years later and he’s still got it.

10. Morris Chestnut

'The Call' - Los Angeles Premiere Source:Getty

The king of chocolate fineness must have some sort of youth chamber.