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1. Newlyweds Solange and Alan Ferguson #BreakTheInternet with class.

solange wedding photos

2. Beyonce’s self-titled album released nearly a year ago and it’s probably the best example of how to #breaktheinternet with flawless execution. Bow down.

3. Jeremy Meeks’s famous mugshot became a sensation on social media and caused women everywhere to question their standards when it comes to lusting after a convicted felon.

jeremy meeks mugshot Source:Stockton Police Dept.

4. Everyone from Queen Bey to Chris Brown was hitting the Shmoney Dance this summer, making it the inspiration behind memes, vines, hashtags, and trending topics.

chris brown Shmoney Dance

5. Once upon a time, Kim K. was breaking the Internet without having to bare all. This shot became Instagram’s most liked photo.

kim kardashian kanye west wedding
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