1. 1. It’s always cool to wear matching outfits with ya bae.

2. 2. Always take style risks. Example: Cam can be seen here rocking the dreaded Canadian tuxedo.

3. 3. Proper color coordination can make or break an outfit.

4. 4. There’s nothing wrong with having your face on the shirt that you’re currently wearing.

5. 5. Your kick game should always be proper. (And the sneakers don’t always have to be Nikes either).

6. 6. The cape is an underrated accessory.

7. 7. PETA should never stop you from rocking what you wanna rock.

8. 8. Two chains are better than one. Three are better than two. ETC.

9. 9. Comfort is just as important as style.

10. 10. Real men wear pink. Juuuheard?

11. 11. Don’t be afraid to rep the flag of yo’ country.

12. 12. Camo anything is always a good look.

13. 13. Use your clothes to grow your brand.

14. 14. Clean up when your lady requests it.

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