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1. Amber Rose has had the blues lately, and her new hairstyle reflects that.

Amber Rose at Penthouse Source:Splash News

2. Lady Gaga is known for bizarre looks and her flame-colored hair was no different.

Katy Perry rocks blue hair Source:Splash News

3. Katy Perry has rocked nearly all the colors of the rainbow: pink, purple, blonde, and blue.

Kesha at the AMA's. Source:Splash News

4. Nicki Minaj promoted “Pink Friday” in the best way possible: with pink hair.

Willow Smith spotted with green hair. Source:Splash News

5. Willow Smith wasn’t too scared to step out with a money green pixie cut.

Rihanna spotted with grey hair. Source:Splash News

6. Rihanna started a major trend when she wore “ice gray” locks.

Rihanna spotted with grey hair. Source:Splash News

7. Kesha walked the AMAs red carpet with rainbow-colored hair.

Nicki Minaj promotes Pink Friday Source:Splash News

8. Newly single Wiz Khalifa wanted a change, and went for purple dreads.

Kylie Jenner out in NYC Source:Splash News

9. Before Wiz, purple hair also got the co-sign from Chris Brown.

Wiz Khalifa purple dreads Source:Splash News

10. Kelly Osbourne turned it up a notch and rocked a purple mohawk.

chris brown purple hair Source:Splash News

11. Hilary Duff shocked everyone when she dyed her blonde locks a bold blue.

Hilary Duff new hairstyle. Source:Splash News

12. Back in 1999, No Doubt were some of the first mainstream celebs to wear wild hairstyles.

No Doubt in 1999 Source:Splash News

13. Azealia Banks loves to experiment with hair colors and fiery red was one of her best looks.

No Doubt in 1999 Source:Splash News

14. After rocking red highlights, Snooki went all the way and became a full redhead.

Snooki rocks red hair. Source:Splash News

15. Although it didn’t quite get the support from her famous family, Kylie Jenner loved her blue hair.

Lady Gaga has flame colored hair Source:Splash News
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