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Today marks the 15 year anniversary of Pharrell’s debut solo track, “Frontin” and as iconic as the song is, we can’t help but reminisce on the music video and the beautiful goddess that played his lead, Lanisha Cole.

The model now works as a photographer as well and she’s gotten even more beautiful with time. Let’s take a look at Lanisha today.


1. Red Hair Don’t Care.

Lanisha is fine as wine and gets better over time.

2. Reunited And It Feels So Good

Lanisha and Pharrell reunited on the set of “The Voice” and talked about how iconic “Frontin” was.

3. Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon won when he and Lanisha were dating.

4. Black & White

She just doesn’t age.

5. Lanisha Cole

6. Panama Represent

Did you know that Lanisha Cole is of Panamanian descent?

7. Melanin Poppin!