1. Kanye West joined Russell Simmons for the Occupy Wall Street protests.

2. Jay Z and the Brooklyn Nets stand in solidarity with Eric Garner.

3. Dave Chappelle posed with his hands up for Mike Brown on the red carpet.

4. J. Cole joined the protests in Ferguson after Mike Brown’s death.

5. Q-Tip joined the Mike Brown protests in New York.

q-tip ferguson protests new york

6. Beyonce and Jay Z supported Trayvon Martin’s parents after his death.

7. Russell Brand joined the Occupy Wall Street protests.

8. Not only did Lupe Fiasco join the OWS protest, but he named a song after it.

9. Mark Ruffalo joined the human climate campaign.

10. Russell Simmons was joined by Katy Perry and Russell Brand during OWS.

11. Jay Leno protested the Brunei Hotels in Beverly Hills.

12. Susan Sarandon joined OWS protests.

13. Al Sharpton always gets his voice out to the masses during times of protest.

14. Rev Run, Minister Benjamin Chavez Muhammad, and Alicia Keys at the Mobilization for Education Hip-Hop Summit Action Network’s protest of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed education budget cuts.

15. Anne Hathaway protested at Union Square for the Occupy Wall Street campaign with her boyfriend Adam Shulman.

16. George Clooney spoke during “Save Darfur: Rally To Stop Genocide.”

17. Actor Sean Penn and Reverend Jesse Jackson marched with activists during an anti-war rally.

18. Spokesperson Hayden Panettiere at a conference for her Save the Whales campaign.

19. John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged a ‘bed-in for peace’ and intended to stay in bed for seven days as a protest against war and violence in the world.

20. Chris Brown, Wale, Nelly and a few more celebs posed with their hands up in support of Mike Brown.

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