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Some celebs are trained on how to be cool, while others are just born with it.

Slick Woods is one of those stars who was cool and swaggy out the womb. There’s just something about her that exudes IDGAF with a hint of GAF and several dashes of confidence. The unique beauty even made pregnancy and motherhood look even more beautiful and fun than most people say it is.

She may just be 22 years old today, but Slick has seen some thangs. She’s  often candid about her struggle with addiction, PTSD, and how she went from $1 in the bank to spending $20K a day. But add motherhood into the mix, and we’ve got ourselves a supernatural superhero.

Anyone that can go from homeless teen to friends with Rihanna instantly has our respect.


And speaking of motherhood, of course Slick’s son Saphir is like a little, Black Ken doll fresh out the womb. Fortunately for us, she’s one of the cool moms that like to share some of the cute, funny moments and milestones of her baby’s life via social media.


And she has the nerve to make it all look so cool. In honor of young Slick’s 22nd trip around the sun, check out these milfy, model pics that are straight up Black girl/mommy excellence.

1. Regal


2. Picture perfect.


3. Mommy mode.


4. Slick & Her Mom

5. Growing life in the most fashionable way we’ve ever seen.


6. The picture of strength.


7. Got to love ’em.


8. A natural at this modeling lifestyle.


9. True joy.


10. Wishing Slick all the blessings!


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