The Daily Grind Video

1. The 17-year-old is absolutely flawless.

2. Zendaya is a self-proclaimed Daddy’s Girl.

3. She’s even adorable rocking faux tat sleeves on both arms.

4. Z’s got street swag.

5. Zendaya and Rihanna unite: Cuteness Overload.

6. She loves being Auntie Zaya.

7. Zendaya posted this adorable Photoshopped photo of her alongside her idol Aaliyah.

8. She ‘woke up like dis.’

9. Elevator Chic!

10. Zendaya meditated on a rock during her trip to Jamaica. Adorbs.

11. Gangsta Zen.

12. She can go from streetwalker chic to old Hollywood glam girl.

13. Zendaya said she enjoys a little R&R with her dog during her downtime.

14. She’s a showstopper.

15. Zendaya paid tribute to the great Jimi Hendrix by posing in front of his mural rocking an afro wig.

16. She’s even gorgeous when she’s posted up.

17. She takes her nieces to Target. How cute!

18. Flawless.

19. We see you, Z.

20. When she’s not rocking the au naturel look, her face is always beat.

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