The Daily Grind Video

1. Do denim on denim.

Mix and match denim of different washes and weights.

2. Hike up that hemline.

Feeling a little too ladylike in that Chanel suit of yours? Sex it up a bit and drop a few inches off your skirt.

3. Layer it on up.

For when the weather is confusing, and your wardrobe is, too.

4. Match your lips to your look.

Color-coordinating your lipstick and outfit isn’t a faux pas any longer.

5. From the gym to the jet.

Slouchy sweats can still be stylish.

6. Borrow from the boys.

Girly girl gone bad in a backwards baseball cap.

7. No pants, no problem.

It’s been a cold winter, so this is how you liberate those legs.

8. No pants, no problem.

No, but really–who needs ’em anyway?

9. Devil’s in the details.

Spark up any outfit with some fun accessories.

10. Dress up a drab t-shirt.

Take your top to the next level with a little leather.

11. Less is more.

Because sometimes wearing too many clothes can really blow.

12. Cleavage is out, underboob is in.

Give everyone a glimpse of your gals from a different vantage point.

13. Boots were made for walking.

And if they’re Prada, they’re made to replace pants, too.

14. Daisy dukes are a do.

Show off that cake, cake cake.

15. Master the monochrome.

Break up the monochrome monotony by mixing textures (especially ones of the Balmain variety).

16. Prevent panty lines.

You’ll look sleeker and sexier without ’em. Promise.

17. All-black everything.

Because nothing is better than black.

18. All-white everything.

But there isn’t anything angelic about it.

19. Go grunge.

This is ’90s nostalgia FTW.

20. Inspiration is everywhere.

Even in the penguin pen.

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