1. The best part about him is not his smile.

(It’s the sunglasses.)

2. You can never go wrong with a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

3. See, look—they’re the perfect pair.

4. These ones in Wally World, though, we aren’t too sure about.

5. Heaven is a place on earth with your heart-shaped pair.

6. Forget the oversized trend–incredibly tiny is in.

7. See what we mean?

8. You know what they say: The smaller the size….

9. …The limper the peace sign.

10. Selfie and sunglasses game proper.

11. You only live once…

12. …So live it right with your perfect pair.

13. West side, the best side.

14. It really doesn’t get anymore swaggy than this.

15. God Bless America and the right to bear super stylin’ sunglasses.

16. You can’t see his eyes, but they can definitely see you.

17. Young Tatianna with the stunna shades on.

18. Swag overload in oval-shaped frames.

19. UV protection on point.

20. Floating frames for the ultimate win.

21. Hat on tilt, sunnies on straight.

22. Flexing and finessing.

23. We mustache you were when you found those frames.

24. Deuces to you haters.

25. White frames to match the mayo.

26. Backpack and glasses swag.

27. Tyler and his sunnies make the cover of Clash.

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