1. T.I. with the infamous sideways fitted.

2. Troy Ave, T.I. and the orange sideways hat.

3. This looks like a classy outfit.

4. T.I. performs at the BET Awards with a gray fitted, sideways.

5. T.I. reppin’ the East Coast, leather hat to the side.

6. Wow. Now this is a serious throwback.

7. T.I. wearing his fitted his favorite way.

8. T.I. on stage performing. He couldn’t forget to turn that hat around.

9. T.I. at a basketball game.

10. Dressed in all black.

11. Doesn’t seem like he likes any hat in its proper form.

12. T.I. performing on stage.

13. T.I. posed in a beanie to the side.

14. Representing the East Side.

15. T.I. poses for a picture in his sideways fitted.

16. T.I. wearing an all-white Atlanta fitted.

17. T.I. preparing for what seems like an eventful night.

18. T.I. in blue & yellow.

19. T.I. wearing the sideways beanie.

20. T.I. performing for a crowd.

21. T.I. saluting the fans.

22. T.I. stepping out of his car.

23. Up close and personal with T.I.’s sideways hat.

24. T.I. looking anxious.

25. T.I. and wife Tiny pose for a picture.

26. T.I. sporting his sideways beanie.

27. T.I. representing his team with a Hustle Gang tee.

28. Wiz Khalifa, T.I. and his two kids in the studio.

29. T.I. cracks a smile and salute for this picture.

30. T.I. laughing with friends.

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