1. Playtime with puppies!

2. Nap Time.

3. King Cairo enjoying his first birthday at the petting zoo.

4. Happy Halloween.

5. He’s riding around and he’s getting it.

6. Always smiling.

7. Cairo catching his Zzz’s.

8. Cairo and his curly ‘fro are always ready for the camera.

9. Aww, such a cute face!

10. He keeps his whip clean.

11. Baby Cairo.

12. He doesn’t need to wait for his 16th birthday for a tricked out ride.

13. A photo op with Mommy Dearest.

14. He sleeps like the young king he is.

15. When King Cairo was just a newborn … stealing hearts since day one.

16. Who needs a crib when there’s mommy’s chest?

17. Family Time.

18. So fresh and so clean, bath time is the best time.

19. King Cairo has such cute chubby cheeks.

20. Cairo’s in his suit and tie!

21. Cairo at Disney World.

22. He’s showing off his grill! His first baby tooth at eight months old.

23. Bottles on deck.

24. He’s ready for his license.

25. Bonding with mommy.

26. More bath time fun.

27. King Cairo waving bye to his adoring fans.

28. He’s ready to hit the court.

29. Cairo’s stylin’ on ’em in his Fendi outfit.

30. Always ready for a picture, not one curl is out of place.

31. We’re seeing double! On the left is Tyga and on the right is King Cairo – double the handsomeness.

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