1. Are you hypnotized yet?

2. Whatcha lookin’ at over there, Nazanin?

3. Cute shoes…

4. Serving face

5. The “come hither” face

6. From model to musician

7. So gorgeous she glows

8. The higher the hair, the closer to heaven

9. A black and white beauty

10. Pretty in polka dots

11. Nazanin takes the plunge..

12. Beat to perfection

13. She has a silly side!

14. Casual and cute

15. Oh hey, bikini body

16. Up-close & personal

17. Sun, sand, and plenty of skin

18. Does this glow come in a bottle?

19. Ow! She’s white hot!

20. Such a perfect red pout

21. All smiles!

22. Legs for days

23. Minimal makeup, maximum beauty

24. Flawless!

25. Beach babe

26. Two hot to handle

27. Behind-the-scenes sexy

28. Coolin’ in a badass biker jacket

29. She woke up like this!

30. Hashtag no filter

31. What a cool kid she is

32. When a gorgeous girl tries to make an ugly face…

33. The car selfie

34. Heyyyy, Nazanin!

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