1. Little Miss Cali is way too cute for words.

2. She’s all about peace…

3. She loves her daddy…

4. & Sh’s a natural born model.

5. At just 3-years-old, Cali already has her makeup right.

6. Her style is impeccable…

7. … And so is her smile!

8. Cali knows when to get her beauty sleep.

9. Her poses are always on point.

10. Plus, the light eyes get her daddy every time !

11. Cali Dream Taylor is simply beautiful.

12. Baby hair flossin’!

13. Even Mickey loves her…

14. A picture paints a thousand words…

15. Awe, super throwback!

16. Hey, Daddy!

17. & Werk!

18. The Game loves his little girl…

19. How could you not love those chubby cheeks?

20. Pretty in pink!

21. Cali got her sneaker game right.

22. Cali’s obviously the cutest girl around.

23. Smooches!

24. Cali hit up the Arsenio Hall Show and shut it down.

25. There’s no cuter kid… seriously.

26. Cali got options.

27. Shine bright like a diamond!

28. Flawless.

29. Awe, how precious is Cali?!

30. Cali hit up the Arsenio Hall Show and shut it down with her charm.

31. Cali is all smiles with her Dora tee on.

32. Cali is so sassy with her hands on her hip!

33. Flawless.

34. They crack each other up.

35. She woke up like this, she woke up like this.

36. Look at that smile!

37. She’s too cute!

38. The Game spotted his girl sleeping soundly.

39. Cali hit up Revolt TV and shut it down.

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