1. Tiny and her daughter Zonique look like twins.

2. Major is too adorable with his chocolate mustache.

3. Tiny celebrates her oldest daughter’s graduation.

4. Tiny is all smiles with son King.

5. Family photo.

6. Major is majorly cute.

7. Road Trip with the family.

8. Aww!

9. Mama’s boy.

10. King collage.

11. Vacay!

12. Young Tiny before the Harris clan.

13. Young Tiny and cutie Zonique.

14. A red haired Tiny is all smiles with young King.

15. Like Mother, Like Daughter.

16. King is a younger version of T.I.

17. On the field with her boy.

18. Disney World family trip.

19. Tiny gets the boys together for a movie night.

20. Congrats Major.

21. Triplets.

22. Mama’s boy and her pup.

23. Dynamic duo.

24. Family hustle.

25. Young Tiny feeding her newborn back in ’93.

26. Sleepy time.

27. King gets homework help from his mom.

28. Family first.

29. Mommy Mode.

30. The Harris Clan hit the BET Awards red carpet.

31. Girls day out.

32. Tiny hits her step-son’s birthday party.

33. Tiny shared this pic of her kids in their younger days.

34. Young Tiny and Zonique.

35. Tiny posed with her kids and T.I.’s sister.

36. FaceTime with Major.

37. Disney World crew.

38. Throwback!

39. Hustle gang.

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