1. Angela Simmons gave the sexy and sultry look.

2. Angie also went full goth in a cleavage-revealing blazer.

3. And channeled her inner model and smized.

4. She also showed off her toned bod.

5. Terrence J was on his grown man ish as usual.

6. Terrence was tailored to perfection as always.

7. And stared at us like this.

8. King Bach traded in his jokes for a nice three-piece ensemble.

9. And gave us some D’Angelo vibes.

10. And also Justin Bieber’s “sexy-brooding-face.”

11. The comedian in him could not be restrained as he is seemingly goofing around.

12. Mila J also channeled her inner Tyra and gave us face for days.

13. She also showed off that toned midriff.

14. And posed like a seasoned pro.

15. Model Don Benjamin channeled his inner Christian Grey.

16. And seduced us through the lens.

17. He then got cheeky with a model.

18. And also got a little grabby.

19. And even lifted the lucky lady.

20. And this happened.

21. No explanation needed.

22. Sib Vicious brought her edge.

23. And showed off her sleek mohawk.

24. Her gorgeous legs were on display.

25. And again.

26. And one more time to make sure we are jealous enough.

27. Then showed off her bootylicious backside.

28. Nothing but curves and fierceness.

29. DJ Damage also channeled his inner Christian Grey.

30. And looked at this lucky whip with sheer admiration.

31. And was grown and sexy in business casual attire.

32. And strutted like a pro.

33. Even modeling his accessories.

34. Then served some serious face.

35. Kaelynn Harris also brought out her sultry side.

36. Then showed off her long tresses while giving us a peek at her behind.

37. And seduced the camera without a problem.

38. She also showed off her curves.

39. And showed us that dancing really is good for the body.

40. Actor Robert C. Riley did not miss a beat as he showed off his rock-hard abs.

41. Then attempted to hide those arms in this fitted tee.

42. And gave Trey Songz vibes while biting his lip.

43. His tall physique was on full display when he sat down.

44. And had to lift that shirt up one more time for the ladies.

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