1. Ari puts a twist to her do while she hangs with her beau Big Sean.

2. She snatches it up when doing an interview.

3. Sometimes it’s short.

4. Sometimes it’s long and laiddd.

Ariana Grande kissy face Plane

5. Sometimes it’s decorated with a braid…

6. …other times with a fancy pearl headband.

7. She switches it up…

8. And braids it up.

9. It has a dramatic effect while she performs.

10. … and adds more flair when she performs with other fierce divas.

11. It also helps serve some serious face on the red carpet.

12. And again.

13. Pose for the gods!

14. The girl loves her signature look.

15. But let’s not get it twisted, with or without the ponytail, Ariana slays.

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