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2019 NBA Finals - Game Three

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Update: June 7, 2021 | 1:07 P.M. EST

Jayoncé turned heads this weekend as they hit up the Brooklyn Nets game. Sporting a face mask for the festivities, Bey was dripping in jewels and Jay looked happier than ever. We updated our gallery below with Baddie Bey’s most recent courtside LEWK. Enjoy!


The goddess Beyoncé went viral once again – but what’s new?

The superstar mom of three (shoutout to Blue Ivy Carter and the twins!) and wife to billionaire Jay-Z hit up the Toronto Raptors vs. Golden State Warriors game on Wednesday, June 6, for some hubby time. But, they are who they are, so someone is always trying to chat them up. In this specific instance, wife to Warriors owner Joe Lacob kept leaning over Bey to speak with Jay… a conversation Hov didn’t really seem interested in having and for her part, Bey seemed a little annoyed because ol’ girl was invading her personal space.

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Bey looked hella annoyed (like, Girl Move!) or maybe she was just in her own world, dreaming up her next Homecoming — who knows? But one thing’s for sure… she was looking super cute. She hit Instagram with a bunch of photos from their night out… see those below.

Bey looking cute while courtside … also nothing new. Receipts below.

1. Jay couldn’t keep his hands off his lady…

Celebrities Attend Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks Game Source:Getty

2. And we can see why.

Celebrities Attend Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks Game Source:Getty

3. That moment Beyoncé laughs uncontrollably at a courtside joke being played on Jay Z’s former arch nemesis, Drake.

4. Yes, apparently, it was that funny.

5. But Bey’s mood switched up quick.

6. And she was caught peeping her hubby’s texts…

7. For much longer than a moment.

8. Bey’s got lots of adorable courtside moments.

9. She’s always looking fabulous…

10. And smiling most of the time.

11. Even when she looks super annoyed at the photogs, it’s cute.

12. We mean, really annoyed.

13. But she’s still the Queen Bey, though.

14. Even back in the day, Bey was that chick.

15. How gorgeous are Kelly and her sis?

16. Young Bonnie n’ Clyde have fun at a Toronto Raptors vs. Miami Heat game.

17. Solange accompanies her sis to the NBA All Stars game back in 2005.

18. Jay and Bey look so young at an NBA All Stars game in ’09.

19. Bey and La La Anthony share a few laughs on the court.

20. But “La, if you EVER look at my man like that again….” – just kidding.

21. Jay makes his wifey laugh at a Knicks game.

22. How cute is Bey?

23. Super cute… THAT’s how cute.

24. And so, so bad.

25. You got to love her.

26. Jay’s cropped out of this flawless flick. Sorry, not sorry.

27. That moment when you totally don’t find your hubby’s jokes about you funny.

28. “So y’all just gon’ talk throughout this entire game, huh?”

29. Somehow, Bey just turned this into girl’s night out.

30. But we love it though.

31. Because, Beyoncé.

32. “Play with me again, Jay.”

33. There goes that smirk we love to love.

34. All smiles.

35. The definition of a true diva.

36. Bey is the most beautiful girl in the world, as far as we’re concerned.

37. This one is going down in the Carter history books.

38. “Seriously?”

39. Hov, Bey, and B.I.G.

40. That moment you pretend to like whoever’s waving hello.

41. “Y’all not serious though.”

42. “Let me just exclude myself from this pic.”

43. “Keep playing with me Jay… I’m the wrong one.”

44. Bey tells her man a secret while sitting courtside.

45. Bey was so not feeling Diddy at the 2003 NBA All Star game.

46. Bey ain’t the only one watching texts courtside. We caught you, Hov.

47. Simply stunning.

48. Strut your stuff, Bey!

Beyonce and Jay-Z at Golden State Warriors NBA Playoffs Source:Getty

49. Golden-haired beauty.

Beyonce and Jay-Z at Golden State Warriors NBA Playoffs Source:Getty

50. Brunette Bey = vibe.

Beyonce and Jay-Z at Golden State Warriors NBA Playoffs Source:Getty

51. Get me outta here.

2019 NBA Finals - Game Three Source:Getty

52. Baddie Bey on deck!

2019 NBA Finals - Game Three Source:Getty