The Legends are just too cute. Seriously, we can’t take it. Between John and Miles’ twinsie moments and Chrissy Teigen‘s super hilarious —yet relatable — parenting, it’s too much to handle.

In the last 24 hours alone, Chrissy has blessed the world with an adorable family photo, two precious videos in which she shows us how she and little Luna compromise, and a poolside pic of John and his mini-me that went viral almost immediately.

Legend family preciousness is bewitching and we’re pretty sure it could actually incite baby fever. In the first clip, Chrissy holds “Candy Court.”

“I now call to order the meeting of the candy. First off, Luna, I would like you to speak. Tell me about why you deserve the candy,” she asks her baby girl. Sitting confidently next to her dad, Luna responds “I want the candy cause I want it and I like it” and John seems really impressed that Luna know what she wants, as are we.

When she’s told she has to have a really good reason for why she should be given the candy, Luna once again responds,”I like it.” Sounds fair enough to us!

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See how the rest of candy court goes in the clips below. Plus, more of John and his beautiful family to follow.

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