BMF Season 3 Finale Episodic Stills

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Meech and Terry return to Atlanta. The brothers plan to expand to St. Louis and other cities with Miami as a hub. Meech and Terry are in for one of their greatest adventures.

1. Stay Schemin’

BMF Season 3 Finale Episodic Stills Source:Starz

The episode began with us finding out that it was Remi who put in the anonymous tip to the Red Dogs that got BMF’s cars impounded. Meech, Tee and the crew were surprised when they pulled up to the impound lot only to see Remi and his men driving off with their work. The team decides that the best idea is to continue to try and get Sharp and the rest of the Atlanta hustlers down with the deal Claude had set up before he was killed. Before they could do anything though, Tee gets a call from Sterl and finds out that Hoop has been shot by Henri and is in the hospital. This makes it clear to Tee that he needs to go back to Detroit to handle business for his family. After Tee visits Hoop, he vows to end things with Henri once and for all by pulling the trigger himself. Elsewhere in Detroit, Jin visits Councilman Amberson. The two discuss his relationship with Cobie and bringing her killer to justice. Jin shares that she can’t trust anybody in the department and that she’ll need his help to make the arrests. As Jin was hipping Amberson about the Andreas family, one of the family’s members was going through her own stuff. In a culmination of frustration, Henri shaved her hair off of her head as she cried and looked in a mirror. At the Flenory home, Charles and Lucille finally signed their divorce papers and made it official. Back in Atlanta, Meech shares his plans to expand BMF with Angel, who suggested that the two up and move somewhere alone and start over. Tee’s plan to get rid of Henri started with him meeting with her old suppliers (the Chaldeans) and having them set up a meet with her that he planned to show up at announced. Shortly after, a sad Charles comes to Tee’s restaurant and shares the news about him and Lucille. As Jin is doing more undercover work, Henri receives a call from her father. Blaze alerts her of Jin’s true personality and what she had told Councilman Amberson. He emphasizes how their whole organization is in jeopardy because of her. After she hung up, Henri goes back to Jin as if nothing is wrong. When they begin to kiss, Henri starts to aggressively choke Jin before revealing that she knows who she is. Jin finds a way to wrestle Henri off of her. Bryant, who is parked outside listening to the whole interaction outside, hears the commotion and quickly hops out of his car. Henri begins to shoot at Jin as she tries to flea. As they shoot it out, Bryant eventually catches Henri in the leg with one. Henri still manages to get away and Jin realizes that Councilman Amberson is dirty too. Bryant and Jin realize there is still hope though since Amberson wasn’t told about the wire they have in place. It’s obvious that Lucille couldn’t wait for her divorce to be final. She rushed over to Maurice’s hotel and they finally had sex. After the dust dettled, Lucille began to express how she felt like Maurice coming around at the time he did was a blessing from God. Maurice then dropped a bombshell on her. He informed her that he had been engaged for two years. She didn’t need to hear anything else. She quickly got dressed and left. Down in the A, Meech meets up with Sharp and breaks everything down for him. He explains that they can’t get into his cars because of the safes they have set up. He continued by saying because of the safes, the Red Dogs will never be able to mess with them either because they won’t find anything. He ends by telling him that he has the purest weight and they need to get down with him. Sharp was convinced and a deal seemed to be imminent. What Meech and Sharp didn’t know was that Froggy was watching the whole interaction. The next day Sharp takes Meech, Duffy and another BMF member to where their cars were. Meech shows Sharp some of the weight to prove that he wasn’t lying and that’s all Sharp needed to see. As they’re about to pull off, Remy, Froggy and a few more Atlanta players pull up with guns and don’t want to let Meech and the gang leave. A shootout ensues as Meech and BMF drive the vans out of the warehouse, leaving Remi pissed that his plan didn’t go through. In Detroit, Sterl questions if Tee is ready to kill Henri after Tee calls Markisha again in what sounds like a “last goodbye call.” Sterl explains that once he makes that play, there’s no coming back from it. Tee confidently responds and tells him that’s a good thing, especially in their line of work.

2. Got Henri TF Out Of Here

BMF Season 3 Finale Episodic Stills Source:Starz

Lucille and Charles share a heartwarming moment at their home as Lucille comes downstairs and sees that Charles has fixed the wall that has holes in it for quite some time. She goes on to tell him that things between her and Maurice aren’t going to work out because he isn’t who she thought he was. Charles took this as her telling him that she’d go on tour with him. Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t what she meet. She explained to him that at the moment, the only man she needed in her life was her heavenly father. Charles gracefully accepted being turned down. He told Lucille that he’d always love and respect her as the mother of his children and he’d always be there. The two embrace and promise to be friends forever. While there was sort of a happy ending there, the same can’t be said for everyone else in Detroit. After being shot earlier in the episode, Henri is visited by her father and Uncle. Blaze blames her for the deaths of her mother and her cousins before stripping her of her organization. When he does it, he calls him Henrietta. Henri takes offense and tells Blaze to say his actual name. He doesn’t do it so Henri takes out his gun and fires a warning shot at him to let him know that he is dead serious. Blaze tells Henri the reason he didn’t want her in the drug game was because women were too emotional. As soon as he says this, Henri unloads, shooting him to death. in and Bryant were listening the whole time since the wire (which was in her cane) was still on. Once they hear the murder happen, Jin and Bryant immediately call for back up. Ironically neough, while this was happening, Tee and Sterl are still waiting on Henri to show up. They become restless and decide that if she won’t come to them, they’ll go to her. As Henri tries to figure out exactly what to do with her father’s body, the cops make their way in and arrest her with Cobie’s handcuffs. Jin makes sure she lets Henri know that she’s going to jail for the rest of her life and she’ll be at every parole hearing she gets to testify about how bad of a person she was. As if that wasn’t enough, as she’s getting taken out, Bryant walks up to her and whispers that he killed her cousin. Tee and Sterl show up as Henri is getting arrested. In this moment, Tee realizes that Meech will always be the face and moving in the shadows is best for him.

3. Maturity

BMF Season 3 Finale Episodic Stills Source:Starz

Meech aligns the Atlanta players with BMF at a meeting in Techwood. Before they could get too far into anything, Remi makes his way in and tries to step to Meech. Unfortunately for him, he had no one backing him. As soon as he raised his gun to Meech, all of his former Atlanta partners and BMF pulled theirs out on him. Although he didn’t want to, Remi was forced to leave. Later on that night, Remi was shot and killed in his car. After that, the episode fast forwards to one week later. Meech got the head of the crews from Missouri, Alabama, Michigan, Ohio and Georgia meet up to show them where they would pick up their work and drop off their money in the future since Atlanta was their new official distribution hub. Meech updates Tee on how all the work has made it back to its destinations safe and sound. Tee then updates Meech that his situation with Henri has been handled also. He also informs his older brother that their parents divorce has been finalized. The brothers promise to keep the Flenory name alive no matter what. Although Henri got arrested and was put in jail, it wasn’t over for her. She was stabbed several times while waiting in line to shower. As she bled out, we see Denise (the driver from the previous season who took the charge) and she tells Henri that a special friend sends their regards. Meech visits Ty Washington’s gravesite to let him know that he has Deanna and the kids for life like he told him and that Remi won’t ever miss with his family again.

4. A Lot Of Changes For The Flenory’s

BMF Season 3 Finale Episodic Stills Source:Starz

Before they head to church, Tee and Lawanda have a very important and mature conversation. Tee expresses that his parent’s divorce has him realizing that the kids are the best and most innocent part about them. Lawanda admits that she hasn’t been herself as of late either. She lets him know that she wants to change that by going to cosmetology school and becoming a stylist. Although he was hesitant at first, Tee noted how he watched his parents dream get destroyed when they had kids and he didn’t want that to happen to her. At the church service, it’s announced that Lucille accepted the Assistant Pastor position that Pastor Fleming offered her earlier in the season. Lucille took the stage to share her testimony with the crowd. She spoke on how shame had her feeling unworthy of taking the position. She went on to highlight how God loves her despite her flaws and imperfections and that’s why she was standing in front of them. In Atlanta, Angel shared with Meech that she’s going to move back home and put a down payment on a building so that she can open an after school program for girls so they don’t have to go through what she went through. Angel thanks Meech for helping her find her voice. He tells her that it’s always been in her and she just had to unlock it. He tells her that if she ever wants to see him, she knows where to find him since Atlanta is his new home now. Tee, Sterl and the rest of BMF Detroit visit Hoop at the hospital before Tee leaves to go to Atlanta. Tee thanks him for being the best right hand he could ever ask for. He then tells him to rest up because they’re on top now and the work will never stop. After taking down Henri and the corrupt cops in the city, Jin and Bryant discuss their next moves. Jin, who got her gun and badge back, says that she’s going to head to LA and work on getting some Asian gangs who are moving serious weight off the streets. Bryant says that he’ll probably head South (where Meech is). Bryant wants to sell the house but has to clean Kevin’s room first. Jin offers to help him but he tells his old partner that he has to do it alone. At the Flenory home, Nicole cooked an amazing goodbye dinner for Charles. Unfortunately, Charles’ bus had to leave earlier than expected and he wasn’t able to sit and eat with Lucille and Nicole. As he’s walking out of the house, Lucille yells out that she hopes that it’s everything he ever dreamed of. Nicole can tell that her mother is going through a lot of emotions and comforts her. As they sit at the dinner table, Nicole says a beautiful prayer for not only Lucille, but also the rest of the family. When Nicole’s done praying, Lucille tells her that she is turning into such a beautiful young woman.

5. A Half A Ton Per State???

BMF Season 3 Finale Episodic Stills Source:Starz

Although everything seemed to be going perfectly, Meech wasn’t satisfied. While looking at a map in Meech’s crib, him and Tee discuss their next moves. Tee emphasizes that they have a half a ton in five states already and asks if they can just sit back and enjoy their accomplishements. Meech responds that they can’t because they’re capable of doing much more. Meech tells Tee that he’s thinking that they could do a half a ton in each state. It didn’t take but a quick second for Tee to be down with his brother’s plan. As he has before, Meech tells his younger brother that they’re about to take over the whole nation.

6. Toast To The Future

BMF Season 3 Finale Episodic Stills Source:Starz