1. Bruce looks just like his son Brody.

2. Bruce Jenner’s been the man since back in the day.

3. So handsome.

4. Bruce Jenner in 1984.

5. There that cute smirk goes again!

6. Play on, player!

7. Bruce gets in close for a photo with the kiddies.

8. Bruce gives off a bad boy vibe.

9. A profile shot of that handsome face.

10. Bruce and Kris Jenner get all matchy-matchy.

11. Bruce poses with fans back in 1991.

12. So handsome.

13. Bruce channels Hugh Hefner.

14. Throwback!

15. Such a hot couple!

16. Bruce shows off his smize.

17. Kris Jenner is Bruce’s beach babe.

18. Bruce and Kris were a smoking’ couple.

19. Bruce feels like he’s won.

20. Bruce and Kris welcome their baby girl Kendall.

21. Say cheese!

22. Bruce hits the golf course.

23. Bruce Jenner poses with his Kardashian krew.

24. Bruce and Kris share a laugh.

25. Bruce Jenner shows a pregnant Kris Jenner love on the red carpet.

26. Bruce enjoys the family life.

27. How cute is this?!

28. Bruce Jenner’s Bieber look.

29. Bruce and Kendall smile for a father-daughter photo.

30. Bruce raises his last two girls, Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

31. Get it, boy!

32. Dapper.

33. Bruce Jenner accompanies Kim on the red carpet.

34. Bruce Jenner accompanies Kim on the red carpet.

35. Bruce Jenner flaunts his million dollar smile.

36. Up close and personal.

37. Bruce hits the golf course.

38. Bruce Jenner hits the red carpet with his model-in-the-making.

39. Swaggy.

40. Bruce shows off his million dollar smile in all black.

41. Yup, he got his mojo back.

42. Let him handle his business, damn.

43. Bruce poses with his son Brandon.

44. Bill Cosby has a sit-down with the Jenners.

45. Bruce and Kris hit the race track.

46. Stunt on them!

47. Courtside love.

48. Up close and personal.

49. Bruce shows off his suit game.

50. Bruce getting his smize on.

51. Not Bruce’s best outfit choice.

52. Bruce practices his Kanye face.

53. The smile we love to love.

54. Bruce and Kris.

55. Bruce lets his hair grow out.

56. Like father, like son.

57. Stunt on them!

58. Bruce’s suit game is better than yours.

59. Oh hey, Bruce!

60. Get it, Bruce.

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