1. Angell Conwell and friends show off their flawless curves at Russell Simmons’ brithday bash.

2. Famous funny-man Cedric The Entertainer prepares to head inside for a night full of laughs.

3. Dave Chappell takes the stage to bring the laughs and discuss a variety of topics including the tragedy occurring in St. Louis, Missouri.

4. Daniel “Boobie” Gibson steps out rockin’ leather and pinstripes.

5. Miss Diddy, Angela Simmons and a friend take advantage of a photo op before heading in to enjoy the night’s entertainment.

6. Jeru Tillman and Kenny Burns flex for the cameras.

7. Jason Weaver chucks the deuces and shows of his cool and casual look.

8. Angela Simmons and her crew sit front and center as Dave Chappell and Tony Rock take the stage.

9. Kenny Burns, Steve Rifkind, Scooter Braun and Alex Rifkind grab a quick group shot during the event.

10. Torrei Hart and Shekinah smile as they enjoy they show.

11. Host Tony Rock cracks a few jokes at the audiences expense, but it’s all love!

12. The bossman, Russell Simmons, enjoys the show from the best seat in the house.

13. Steve Rifkind, Terrance J and Kenny Burns share a moment after the show.

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