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1. “How come there were no women at The Last Supper?”

Damon Dash Source:Getty

2. “I hustle for my last name…not for my first.”

Official Green Ghost Project Album Release Celebration Source:Getty

3. “Jobs are for lazy people who don’t want to invest in themselves.”

12th Annual Urban Wheel Awards Source:Getty

4. “Saving money is for suckas.”

DipSet U.S.A. And Agenda Present: Cam'ron And Jim Jones Source:Getty

5. “Why do more black people know about that white man (Lyor Cohen) than white people do?”

Naomi Campbell and Giuseppe Cipriani Holiday Party - December 5, 2005 Source:Getty

6. “A real man doesn’t listen to a rumor.”

Damon Dash Source:Getty

7. “I was the bad guy to the bad people.”

Damon Dash Source:Getty

8. “You’re only the boss if you put up your own money. If you don’t put up your own money…I don’t care how much they offer you, you’re nothing but a supervisor. It’s not yours.”

Damon Dash Source:Getty

9. “I’m mad at y’all for having the same job for 25 years…I can’t imagine doing the same shit every day having to be told what to do every day…and ask to go on vacation.”

Damon Dash Source:Getty

10. “How could a man say he has a boss and be proud?”

Damon Dash Source:Getty

11. “I’m not going to fight for something I don’t own.”

Damon Dash Source:Getty

12. “Joeyie (Joie Manda) is the head of black music. Why is a white man the head of black music? And how does that make a black man feel? What did he do to deserve that? What did Todd Moscowitz do to deserve to have a business model from asylum to take money from a culture in which he doesn’t participate?”

Damon Dash Source:Getty
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