The Daily Grind Video

1. Destiny’s Child in 1998.

2. The 2000s shoe game was serious.

3. Destiny’s Child rocked midriffs and skirts way before Kim K did!

4. All red everything.

5. Talk to the hand!

6. Light and colorful in 2000.

7. And then there were three…

8. B starts to secure her spot in the middle for photos.

9. Pleather was a music group’s best friend back in the day.

10. Check out Michelle’s retro purple eyeshadow.

11. Looking classy at the 2000 VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards.

12. Matching strappy sandals!

13. Pretty in pink.

14. Ringing in 2001 at the Grammys.

15. Pretty in pink part 2: Swirls.

16. Six hands, six Grammys.

17. Kelly snagged a center spot.

18. B showing some major skin.

19. Lookin’ good ladies.

20. Bedazzled jeans!

21. Brief stint as boy scouts in 2001.

22. TRL should count as a red carpet, too. Carson Daly!

23. So sleek in New York.

24. Xoxo

25. Belt game strong.

26. You know you’ve made it when you have your own dolls.

27. Fringes: Trendy then, trendy now.

28. That time Destiny’s Child wore white after Labor Day in 2001.

29. And again.

30. That is one [Sasha] fierce side eye coming from Bey.

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