1. What’s better than a girl who can make you laugh your ass off?

2. Erica & Cyn kiss and hug up on each other…

3. Cyn won’t let her girl out of her sight and we don’t blame her.

4. Drop it, drop it low girl!

5. Hold me close, don’t ever let go.

6. We hear chicks commit Cyns for Chipotle.

7. Too cute on the red carpet…

8. All laughs, kisses, and smiles.

9. Erica & Cyn show off their curves.

10. The Love & Hip Hop love birds hold hands.

11. Give me kisses, Erica.

12. Give me kisses, Cyn.

13. Flawless!

14. Cyn was spotted all up on her girl…

15. & Here, Erica is all up on Cyn.

16. Your man ain’t never seen a booty like this.

17. Awe, this is super adorable.

18. No cuffin’ in the club, give me twenty dollars.

19. Erica put Cyn to sleep.

20. Throw some D’s on that b*tch! Cyn unleashed her girls on her girl.

21. Bottles and smooches!

22. French kissing in the club… muy bueno.

23. This is real love…

24. Through the good and the bad, they’re right by each other’s sides.

25. When it’s all said and done, it seems like it’s them against the world.

26. Smooches!

27. Erica & Cyn are inseparable.

28. … So inseparable.

29. How cute are they?

30. Erica shows her girl some selfie love.

31. Erica & Cyn gaze into each other’s eyes.

32. We want this kind of friendship and love.

33. Erica, can you handle this?

34. Cyn & Erica are tanned, glowing, and sharing lots of laughs.

35. Cyn, can you handles this?

36. They get high, high, high…

37. … & then laugh it all off the next day.

38. Perfection.

39. They’re gorgeous together.

40. All black everything!

41. We’re not sure if that’s Cyn… but if it is, Damn.

42. All smiles…

43. … and kisses.

44. Seriously, they love kissing.

45. They’re intertwined…

46. A little sexy selfie action never hurt nobody!

47. Sexy smooches.

48. Laid up and in love…

49. Perfect pouts.

50. Major PDA on the red carpet.

51. Here they are having lots of fun in the sun with friends.

52. Boobs and booty!

53. Behind every strong woman…. you know the reset.

54. Island girls! Erica just can’t take her eyes off Cyn.

55. We don’t blame her.

56. They’re starting to look alike.

57. Cuffin in the strip club.

58. Silly in the sun.

59. Awe, they even spent the holidays together.

60. Give me kisses.

61. Makeup-free and gorgeous!

62. Feelin’ on that boo-oo-tay!

63. That boo-oo-tay!

64. She been drinking, or nah?

65. Cuffin’ in the club!

66. Now that’s a real kiss.

67. This is a sexy relationship.

68. Does it really get any better than this?

69. Awe, super cute!

70. This is a perfect pic.

71. & It looks like there’s always a happy ending.

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