1. Sweet Smiles

Since the beginning, the Obama girls were photobombing their dad with all that cuteness!

2. Family Photos

Prepping to take a family photo, but we all know candids are the best!

3. Three Cheers For Family

The girls are always in support of their Dad.

4. First Victories

Malia’s face says it all.

5. Sasha’s Cute Resting Face

Sasha’s face says it all here too.

6. Daddy’s Girl

Is Sasha a Daddy’s girl? The cutie took the stage with her dad during during Election Night in 2008.

7. Kisses!

Sasha is just too charming!

8. Sister, Sister

Sasha was able to get some height on her sister- for once.

9. Darlings

The sisters started to come into their own in 2010.

10. Enjoying The Day With Dad

The girls house around with Dad and style some cute throwback hairstyles.

11. Hair is Everything

Yes to the fabulous hairstyles!

12. Perfect Colors

Sasha is getting taller! Plus we can’t ignore those cute pea-coats.

13. The Coolest Selfie

The dopest selfie ever taken goes to these two.

14. Nick, Nick, Nickelodeon

The girls were all smiles for the Nickeloden Kids Choice Awards with FLOUTS.

15. Yes To The Dress

The girls each embody their mother here, those A-line dresses are perfect!

16. Sasha’s Tutu Dress

Sasha’s neon tutu dress is everything!

17. Lighting The Tree

The girls prepare to light the White House Christmas Tree. My how they’ve grown!

18. Malia Hangs With Mom

Malia loves to hang out with her mother.

19. Sasha With The Family

Sasha embodies so much class in that chiffon top and blazer!

20. Sasha’s Funky Fashion

Sasha’s cute panda sweater and red pants are just adorable and fashionable!

21. Mama Taught Me

Malia’s perfect yellow dress reminds us of Michelle’s elegant style.

22. Sasha and Malia Leave Air Force One

Sasha makes a bold statement with her yellow flats.

23. Family First

The girls head to church with their parents. The growth spurt is unbelievable!

24. First Family

The family arrives in the style to the U.S.

25. Daddy Dearest

We guess that Malia is a Daddy’s girl as well.

26. Mommy Dearest

Or perhaps she’s a Mommy’s Girl?

27. Sasha’s Funky Tights

Sasha’s unique style earns her plenty of points here. She just loves her polka dot tights.

28. Holiday Threads

Sasha pairs these printed tights with a cute striped dress.

29. Here’s The Family

Sasha and Malia arrive with Preisdent Obama to the White House, but Malia’s loafers steal the show!

30. Obama’s Favorite Girls

The President says he’s surrounded by strong, tall women and he is right!

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