The Daily Grind Video

1. Young Solange donned micro braids with highlights back in 2002.

2. Solo’s braids got a little shorter and a little more burgundy.

3. Solange took a page out of Bey’s book and opted for a honey blonde look.

4. Her side-swept bang was all the rage back in 2004.

5. Solo went super long and blonde in 2004.

6. Back to black in ’06.

7. Solange went for a more sophisticated look with these bouncy curls.

8. Sultry and Straight.

9. Solo was bangin’ back in ’09.

10. Started from the bottom.

11. Solange’s free spirit peaked with her new, short do.

12. With the ‘fro, we get to see how gorgeous her face really is.

13. Solo rocked the long braids in 2012.

14. Solo brought in 2013 with her reliable afro.

15. She continued the year with even bigger hair.

16. Flawless!

17. She can do no wrong.

18. And we’re here for every moment of it.

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