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We have had a special place in our hearts for Baby Future ever since he was born. He’s got a kind of undeniable swag reminiscent of his father and like mom, Ciara, he’s sweet as can be. When CiCi and husband Russell Wilson revealed they were expecting Future’s little sister Sienna, as well as little brother Win more recently, we knew Future would make an awesome big brother — and the last few years have definitely proved us right.

From holding Sienna’s hand while she was still learning how to walk on her own to sharing his snacks and giving her lots of hugs and kisses, Future is always there for his little sister. Sienna keeps the same energy — she loves to flick it up and laugh with her big bro. Not to mention, the love between Future and Win is also blossoming beautifully.

Today, for Baby Future’s 7th birthday, Ciara took to Instagram to gush about her incredible son. “Baby Boy!! I just can’t believe you are 7! You are the sweetest Son, and Big Brother anyone could ask for!,” she wrote. “You have an incredible sense of Wonder, Curiosity, Determination, and a Big Heart full of Gratitude! I I have no doubt you’re going to do Amaaazing things! Big things in life! I’m so excited to keep watching you grow! Happy Birthday Sunshine! I love you so much!”

It was all too cute and got us thinking about her kids’ most adorable moments together. Keep scrolling as we take a quick trip down memory lane and join us in wishing Future a happy, happy birthday!

1. His siblings’ keeper.

2. Pure love at the pool.

3. Ciara says they’re “tight like glue.”

4. Look how tight their hugs are.

5. They get fresh together too!

6. The camera loves ’em.

7. They went all out for Halloween too.

8. Is anyone else experiencing baby fever in this moment?

9. Big smiles for the first day of school.

10. We aim to be this level of relaxed.

11. Such a big boy.

12. Fun times at Disney Land.

13. All giggles and cute activewear.

14. You wouldn’t get it — it’s an inny.

15. Come here big bro!

16. Holding hands on the 4th of July.

17. It’s all too sweet. You’ve gotta love ’em!

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