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Today is a special day in the Davis household. Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir are celebrating nine years as a couple and two years of marriage. The nation watched as the inseparable pair said “I Do” in a lavish wedding ceremony aired by VH1 back in 2017, and in the two years that have passed since, it seems Gucci and Keyshia have only grown closer.

The fact is, it’s impossible to talk “relationship goals” and not bring up the ever icy Mr. and Mrs. Davis. Today, they stay flossing on the ‘Gram, but Keyshia loved Gucci through the tough times too. When Gucci pled guilty to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and landed himself in jail back in 2014, for example, his wife held him down until he was a free man. Taking his time behind bars seriously, he came back a better and healthier person — and Keyshia kept him focused the whole way through.

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“I was drinking pints of lean a week and smoking pounds of weed and just doing all kinds of drugs,” he explained to REVOLT in an interview. “The whole way I was handling myself before I went to jail was just so negative [and] it showed in my body.”

“The day that I got arrested and stopped doing drugs, eventually it started to dawn on me that [I] had to start taking better care of myself before I [wind] up back in the same situation,” he continued. “Getting all those substances out my body made me able to realize that listen, you got to work out, you got to eat better.”

It turns out, while Gucci was working out in jail, Keyshia was doing the same at home.

“I did have the question thrown at me many times: ‘Why are you with him?’ — both before and when he was locked up,” she told New York Post when he came home. “I would tell him about it. It did not bother me because they do not know the real Gucci, so I did not care.”

“We had a schedule where we worked out from 8:00 to 10:00. Then we’d shower, eat and get on the phone,” she revealed. “It did get lonely when it was my birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s. Those were my worst days. I would get down and tell him. He would feel bad.”

This photo posted by Gucci last month says it all…

They stood down so they could come up and we respect it. See Mr. and Mrs. Davis all coupled up, icy, and happy as hell in the pictures to follow.


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