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Cam Newton & Steve Harvey

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Cam Newton is most recognizable for his impressive skills on the football field as the current quarterback for the New England Patriots. After previously playing nine seasons with the North Carolina Panthers, who once selected him as the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Newton is a force to be reckoned with on and off the field. As a leader in his community, loving father to his children and a skilled athlete, Cam Newton continues to create a legacy for himself and his family.

Today, the football star turns 32 years old and we couldn’t help but notice some of his other innovative skills outside of sports. Cam Newton loves to creatively express himself through fashion with some of his most head-turning looks. Whether he’s preparing for a press briefing before or after a game or sharing some time with his loved ones, Cam is quite inventive in the way that he puts an outfit together. Here’s a thread of his most creative outfits to celebrate more life, more wins and more expression.

1. As Southerners Would Say “Casket Sharp”


Cam is a fan of his suits and top hats. This pastel blue number gave what it was supposed to give. 

2. Printed


Newton gets creative with the different prints in this outfit. A cheetah print pant is a bit wild for most men, but Newton’s daring fashion sense is not one to be played with. 

3. Where’s the Hat Line?


A very Southern touch for the Georgia native. Cam Newton should certainly have a line of top hats for men. Who do we need to call to make it happen? 

4. Attention To Detail


Newton doesn’t miss a moment to add his creative flare and detail through his fashion. Even spending time with his son with a hurt foot, he’s sporting a long coat with small red and black detailing along the lapel. 

5. Notice The Silver Lining


Cam outdid himself with this one. From the hat to the shoes, look at the creativity. 

6. Babushka Boys


Cam’s latest look has included the traditional babushka, which is a scarf tied around the chin and over the head. He never strays away from a variation of prints and pinks. 

7. Stuntin’ Like My Daddy


Cam is posed with his baby boy, King Midas, in a butterfly printed shirt. His son sports the cutest shades and dinosaur printed shirt stuntin’ like his daddy. 

8. Polo Down


There is nothing more Atlanta of Cam than this Polo outfit. Growing up in the city of Atlanta, the brand was a huge part of the culture. It looks like Polo’s influence on Cam has since elevated. 

9. Printed PJs But Make It Fashion


People questioned Cam’s printed pj’s but he said this is a lay, okay! 



We had to end the gallery with another one of his infamous printed outfits. He infused a bit of ’90s flare with the glasses and cropped pants. 

Happy Birthday, Cam Newton! Thanks for expressing yourself on and off the field. 

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