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Following the end of Issa Rae‘s game-changing series Insecure, we continue to celebrate the innovator, actress, writer, and producer on her birthday today.

Season 5 wrapped up just before the New Year, and much to our enjoyment, showrunners put a neat little bow on the lives of our favorite characters in the finale. Now that we know Issa and Lawrence worked things out after all, our faith in humanity has been restored (ha!) and we can move forward knowing years of live tweeting the show in angst were not in vain.

As for Issa, she couldn’t be more grateful. In a wrap-up segment posted to her social media account, she told her cast and crew how thankful she is for them and the entire experience. “You aspire and you dream, but I never imagined that I would get to work with so many amazing, talented people,” she said.

Last February, Issa also took to Instagram with a reminder of where she started, captioning a throwback photo: “10 years ago today, I released the first episode of “The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl.” I had just turned 26, it was my third web series (the first one I was in), and my big plan was to sell these dingy ass t-shirts (😂 Thanks to the real ones who bought some). I had no idea the series was going to change my life — but my broke ass was sure the fuck ready for it to. I am deeply appreciative of everyone (cast, crew, writers, supporters) who helped to take it as far as it got.”

See below.

Today, we celebrate Issa as the funny, talented, innovative, community-centered, SEXY queen that she is. Awkward Where, Okay?!

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1. Issa has the most beautiful skin we’ve ever seen — and her vulnerability pops off the page.

2. A little underboob is always welcome.

3. The Emmys look we’ll never forget.

4. Whew, it’s a WIFE, Okay?!

5. Unapologetically Issa.

6. We admire you.

7. You continue to be an inspiration.

8. Happy, Happy Birthday!

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