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If you thought you were going to cop your new orange and burgundy Ivy Park x Adidas track jumpsuit in a timely fashion, think again.

On Friday, the pre-sale for Beyoncé’s much anticipated Ivy Park x Adidas collection went up exclusively on Adidas’ website and app. To say the turnout was major would be an understatement. While a few lucky folks probably made it past the “Waiting Room” to cop their new gear, many were left staring at a loading screen that seemed like it would never end. Sure you get to look at Beyoncé and a male model look cute in the collection while you wait. But you can’t have all your time consumed by Beyoncé right?

Even if folks did make it past the waiting room, there’s no guarantee the items they wanted were still in stock. It was slightly traumatic.


Some folks even showed their commitment by orchestrating multiple computers for the “Wait Room.”


Luckily, all hope isn’t lost considering folks will be able to buy the collection when it’s officially released on and at select Adidas retailers tomorrow.

But of course, the fashion heads and Bey Hive weren’t trying to hear this. Check out some of the funniest reactions to the exclusionary pre-sale below.











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