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The timeline is still not over Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars ceremony. Whether you are #TeamChris or #TeamWill is irrelevant, it is Jada Pinkett-Smith we want to celebrate.

The actress vulnerably shared her struggles with hair loss last September on her Facebook show “Red Table Talk.” Jada has been open in her battles with alopecia and somehow she is still the butt of every joke. The reality is: Jada is not bald by choice.

Fans question Black comedians consistent use of Black women in their jokes. Rock opted to tell a virtually unnecessary joke about Pinkett-Smith for laughs from a predominantly White audience. Though Will’s violent actions are not justified and didn’t make the situation any better, many fans want to acknowledge the woman who may really be hurting in the background.

Will issued an apology to the Academy and Chris Rock. Chris Rock recently commented on the moment saying he’s “still processing” and once he’s figured it out, he will definitely talk about it.

There are countless memes mocking the entire situation, and social media just won’t let up. It seems as if the less than 10 second joke has turned into a relentless topic for the second quarter.

We can’t imagine what Jada is feeling at this time with the constant reminder across social media of her traumatic hair loss experience. It doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Instead of harboring on a reckless situation, we will share a gallery of Jada in all of her glory.

Let’s be honest: Jada is the FINEST with or without hair. Her beauty is undeniable and her talent is unmatched so we must celebrate her for all of the things! Check out a gallery of our favorite Jada Pinkett photos featuring her newest look below.

1. Stunning


2. Critic’s Choice


3. Bare It All


4. Absolutely Gorgeous


5. Hope Jada’s Having A Great Day


6. Like How Cute?


7. Flawless Either Way

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