1. Jas and Ness kickin’ it with their younger siblings in Cali.

2. Not only are these two identical, they’re inseparable.

3. Their style is always on point.

4. Are we seeing double?

5. When they’re not hard at work on their up and coming clothing line, these two like to party the night away.

6. They’ve got expensive taste in clothes, booze, and men.

7. Jas and Ness are always at the dopest spots in L.A.

8. Whoa!

9. This is one fly set of twins.

10. Mean mug.

11. Jas and Ness took Made In America by storm.

12. It’s no wonder they call themselves everyone’s favorite twins.

13. These two have a whole host of A-List friends.

14. #WomanCrushEveryday

15. Damn, girls!

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