The Daily Grind Video

1. Beyonce performs during Jay Z’s set in Central Park

2. Bey drops it low for her hubby!

3. Beyonce and Jay Z shut down the Central Park!

4. Beyonce is all smiles while performing next to her man

5. Beyonce looks upon the packed crowd

6. Beyonce sings for the packed crowd in Central Park

7. Beyonce dances during her husband’s set

8. Beyonce slays in Dolce & Gabbana for her surprise appearance

9. Beyonce works it while on stage

10. Beyonce sings her heart out for her husband’s set

11. Beyonce and Jay Z go arm in arm as they leave the stage

12. Beyonce dances for her husband’s set

13. Beyonce smiles as she looks onto the packed crowd

14. Beyonce sings her heart out

15. Beyonce and Jay Z put on a dope performance for the packed crowd

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