1. Rihanna and Jay Z laugh it up.

2. Rihanna dances while watching the main event.

3. Jay Z and Jake share a good laugh.

4. Fabolous performs for the packed crowd.

5. Rihanna and Jake Gyllenhaal have a serious moment.

6. Rihanna gets her groove on.

7. Jay Z cheers on the contenders.

8. Jay Z and Jake Gyllenhaal joke around during the main event.

9. Angie Martinez and Michael K. Williams throw up the deuces.

10. Jay Z poses with Andre Ward and a guest.

11. Jake Gyllenhaal has some fun with RiRi.

12. Jay Z and Rihanna reunite!

13. Jay Z and Jake Gyllenhaal pose it up at the Roc Nation Throne Boxing event.

14. Rihanna, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jay Z share a precious moment.

15. Angie Martinez posted this photo with Michael K. Williams.

16. Fabolous posted this photo with DJ Mustard.

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