The Daily Grind Video

1. “The Worst” Music Video

…When Jhené was sexy and lethal in this clip, all while singing, rapping, and channeling Jay Z’s rhymes.

2. “Bed Peace”

…When this video dropped, launching Childish Gambino relationship rumors, inspiring folks with quotes, and providing sultry lyrics.

3. “Comfort Inn (Freestyle)”

…When Jhené looked so damn hurt. She keys a car, burns some Jordans, and sheds so many tears in this powerful video, which is a reminder to be faithful.

4. “The Pressure”

…When she angelically sang, “Have you seen my fucks to give?”

5. “Wading”

…When this video took place in a strip club, featuring a snake, thigh high boots, and lots of bullets.

6. “Eternal Sunshine”

…When she dropped the powerful “Eternal Sunshine” vid, following “Spotless Mind.”

7. “Getting in a Car…”

…When she caught a ride from fans (who weren’t you).

8. “I Know”

…When she and Big Sean adorably transformed into an elderly couple.

9. “Post to Be”

…When she dropped her infamous “Post to Be” lyric…You know the one.

10. Grocery Shopping

…When she actually went grocery shopping, thanks to that “Post to Be” lyric.

11. “Keep Ya Head Up”

…When she covered “Keep Ya Head Up” for Rap-Up.

12. Drunk Texting with Chris Brown

…When she talked about “drunk texting” with Chris Brown.

13. Bill Withers Medley

…When she performed this moving Bill Withers medley.

14. “Behind the Seen” Documentary

…When she took fans behind the scenes with a candid mini doc.

15. “Wanderland”

…When she performed a one-night-only “Alice in Wonderland”-inspired show in L.A.