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Jonathan Majors is back in the news cycle, and it’s not for his latest onscreen performance. Instead, a new video and audio clip began to circulate the Internet yesterday (Dec. 13) thanks to its release from TMZ. Check out fan reactions to the comical clips inside.

A slew of evidence of actor Jonathan Majors and his ex-partner Grace Jabbari has been released. The audio clips fans are discussing online were from six months before the alleged assault, which ensued in the back of a chauffeured car.

In the audio, one of several pieces of trial evidence released in line with his ongoing misdemeanor case, Majors can be heard sharing how he wanted his partner to be more like Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama.

“I’m a great man. A great man. I am doing great things,” Majors said in the September 2022 recording, which played in court last week. “The woman that supports me, the one I support, needs to be a great woman…and make sacrifices.”

The audio referenced prolific figures like King and Obama as examples of women, who propelled their husbands to greatness, and that’s how he wanted Jabbari to be.

Another released piece of evidence shows Majors repeatedly scuffle and shove Jabbari back into the SUV. Meanwhile another camera shows her chasing after him for blocks on end. This is the video that stirred up the timeline and had Black men asking Black women to apologize to the actor. While other fans felt he should have never been with this woman in the first place.

It’s a mess. There are several other videos of the two between multiple alleged assaults, 911 phone calls and text exchanges. It’s easy to point the finger, but the courts will decide their fates.

Until then, we enjoy the discourse online.

Check out fan reactions from the newly released evidence below:

1. Jonathan Gump


2. Get Your Hands Off Me


3. Run For It


4. Avoid The Snow Bunnies, Majors


5. She’s A Runner, She’s A Track Star


6. The Next Friday Audio Is Perfect


7. “Oh No…”


8. Alright…


9. Yikes


10. Speak Up