1. Leonardo frequently vacays in places that consist of good drinks and good friends.

2. Leo sure knows how to pick the sexiest supermodels to have by his side – like Bar Refaeli.

3. Leo wouldn’t be a baller if he didn’t hang around infamous ballers like Diddy.

4. Leo started partying at an early age, seen here attending the opening of Studio 54.

5. Leonardo is known for having sexy chicks by his side.

6. Leo gets his chill on in Ibiza, Spain.

7. Leo is no stranger to basketball games and beer.

8. DiCaprio seems to be his happiest when he’s around sports and friends…

9. …and gorgeous supermodels like Bar Refaeli.

10. Leonardo has friends from every walk of life, that makes him the ultimate baller.

11. Only ballers ride Citi bikes and talk on the phone at the same time.

12. No one else can make water jet packing look as good as Leo does.

13. Leo toasts to the good life with Naomi Campbell and friends as they vacation in Italy.

14. DiCaprio loves fine wine and fine women.

15. It’s not often we see the gorgeous actor topless, but, here ya go!

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