1. Obama begins his State of the Union speech, one of the shortest of his presidency.

2. “I see you, Alan Gross.”

3. See? Mr. Gross’ positivity definitely raised everyone’s spirits in the house.

4. It was hard to ignore.

5. Boehner’s mug however, proved he wasn’t pleased with much of anything.

6. This woman was pretty geeked to meet Obama, no?

7. Biden is always there to cheer on the president.

8. Oh, and Alan Gross.

9. Thumbs up to Obama’s supporters.

10. “Looking like the man when I walk thru.”

11. When someone doesn’t understand the point of middle class economics.

12. Obama made sure to greet most of his supporters before and after his speech.

13. One of the night’s best moments.

14. A great and inspirational speech for the masses.

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