1. Ryan Gosling proves he’s hot with or without the face fuzz.

2. Bradley Cooper’s facial hair adds to his dapper look.

3. Beard King Idris.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio is unrecognizable with this full beard.

5. Yeezy’s beard always looks tamed and trimmed.

6. Jared Leto may be the prettiest beard wearer ever.

7. George Clooney’s salt and pepper beard makes the veteran actor look even more sophisticated and charming.

8. Brad Pitt made the scruff look sexy.

9. Beards give young boys like Chris Brown the grown and super sexy look.

10. The MVB(eard) goes to James Harden.

11. Pills, potions, beards, and tats. We love The Game.

12. Most athletes unintentionally participate in Movember.

13. The Boss of beards: Rick Ross.

rick ross pointing sunglasses beats by dre event
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