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The boxing legend died on Friday at age 74.

1. Paris Portait, 1960

A portrait of Muhammad Ali Source:Getty

This classic photograph, in which the boxer dons his classic shorts and fighting stance, was taken of the then-heavyweight champion of the world in Paris, France.

2. Training, 1960

Portrait Of Cassius Clay Training During The Sixties Source:Getty

The boxing legend publicly changed his name to Muhammad Ali after winning the heavyweight championship and announced he had joined the Nation of Islam.

3. Posing With Legends, 1960

Cassius Clay poses with Maxie Rosenbloom and Solly Krieger Source:Getty

Cassius Clay posed with boxing legends Maxie Rosenbloom and Solly Krieger.

4. Family Man, 1965

Cassius Clay... Source:Getty

The Champ sits with his daughter after training for his title defense against Sonny Liston.

5. Predicts Five, 1963

Clay Predicts Five Source:Getty

Always supremely confident in his abilities in the ring, Ali held up his fingers predicting how many rounds it would take for him to knock out British boxer Henry Cooper.

6. Married Man, 1963

Muhammad Ali Source:Getty

The boxer and his first wife, Sonji Roi.

7. Louth Mouth, 1964

Cassius Clay Source:Getty

Ali would never shy away from telling his competitors, and the world, his opinions.

8. Down Goes Liston, 1965

Muhammad Ali Knocks Out Liston Source:Getty

Sonny Liston went down in the first round of his return title fight by heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali.

9. In Living Color, 1966

Muhammad Ali. Cassius Clay. 1968 Source:Getty

Ali’s dominance in the sport, and popularity around the world, increased throughout his incredible career.

10. Rumble in the Jungle, 1974


This photo was taken just days before Ali won one of the most legendary bouts in the sport’s history between Ali and George Foreman. The battle is now known as “The Rumble in the Jungle.”

11. Man of the Press, 1974

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier Press Conference Source:Getty

Ali taunts rival Joe Frazier before bout II of one of the most legendary boxing rivalries of all time.

12. Muhammad Ali Day, 1974

New York City celebrates Muhammad Ali Day Source:Getty

The boxer is gifted a picture from the Department of Corrections on ‘New York City celebrates Muhammad Ali day.’

13. Taunting Foreman, 1974

Muhammad Ali Holds Poster For Foreman Bout Source:Getty

Ali holds a fist to a picture of Foreman before the World Heavyweight boxing championship.

14. The Greatest, 1977

Muhammad Ali In 'The Greatest' Source:Getty

A scene of Muhammad Ali being attended to in the film “The Greatest”.

15. The King and The Champ, 1977

6th Annual RFK Tennis Tournament Party Source:Getty

Ali talks with his wife Amanda and Michael Jackson.

16. Ali’s Girls, 1978

Ali's Girls Source:Getty

Ali spends time with his daughters Laila and Hanna.

17. Ali Taunts Holmes, 1980

Larry Holmes and Muhammad Ali Press Conference Source:Getty

Ali taunts Larry Holmes at a press conference leading up to their bout.

18. Friends Out of the Ring

2002 ESPY Awards - Arrivals Source:Getty

Ali and Frazier enjoy each other’s company at the 2002 ESPY awards.

19. Humanitarian Award, 2002

The 2nd Annual BET Awards - Show Source:Getty

Ali received the BET Humanitarian award from actor, Will Smith.

20. Like Father Like Daughter, 2002

Ali Vs. Taylor Boxing In Las Vegas Source:Getty

Muhammad proudly poses with his daughter, Laila Ali.

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