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New Music Released This Week (May 6th – May 10th): 

1. John Moreland – Gentle Violence

Source:John Moreland

Today, esteemed singer-songwriter John Moreland released a powerful video for folk rock track “Gentle Violence.” Directed by Rahul Chakraborty, the video stars actors Jonah Lewis and Drew Pollock, who powerfully portray a family battling addiction and substance abuse. Alongside the video Moreland encourages fans to donate what they can to Tulsa’s Zen Recovery organization HERE which helps people in recovery. The video was premiered by Brooklyn Vegan,  who have praised John’s recent album Visitor stating, “John’s delivery is mellow but devastating, with melodies that wrap around you like a warm blanket and one-liners that stop you dead in your tracks.” Watch the “Gentle Violence” video HERE.

Zen Recovery Inc is a nonprofit organization based in Tulsa, Oklahoma that provides weekly addiction recovery support meetings (called Zen & the Art of Whatever Works) and sober community events. Radical recovery with a patchwork approach – Religion free, judgement free, harm reduction-focused and inclusive.

Chakraborty stated, “John Moreland’s genius songwriting allowed me to incorporate elements of magical realism within the story, oftentimes conveying emotional states while allowing the audience to interpret the experience independently. The story itself demanded an incredibly intimate approach, so for most scenes we kept the camera at a distance and had minimal setups to create our world- giving our actors the grace to let their craft shine.

On the song Moreland stated, “Gentle Violence is a song about a strained relationship with a loved one, in the hyper-political post-pandemic USA. The tension and sorrow around the tough relationship are a microcosm of the tension and sorrow we feel as citizens of this broken world. ”

The song features on new album Visitor, a deeply thoughtful and instantly compelling new album which is out now digitally via his label Old Omens via Thirty Tigers, a vinyl release will follow on May 31. An album for our troubled times, recorded after a year in isolation from the chaotic world around him, Moreland perfectly encapsulates the political and personal, on a record that showcases his razor sharp insight, impressive multi-instrumentalism, and his arresting and rich vocals throughout.  LISTEN to Visitor HERE.

Moreland’s also announced additional US tour dates including two nights at Los Angeles’ Masonic Lodge @ Hollywood Forever on September 5-6, San Francisco’s The Chapel on September 7 , Portland’s Wonder Ballroom on September 11, Seattle’s Neumos on September 12 and Nashville’s The Basement East on October 8. He plays Washington D.C’s Miracle Theatre this evening, Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock on Friday May 10 and Brooklyn Made in Brooklyn on Saturday May 11 – Tickets to the tour are available now at

In November 2022, Moreland stopped working entirely. He took an entire year off from playing shows and didn’t use a smartphone for 6 months. “At the end of that year, I was just like ‘Nobody call me’. I needed to not do anything for a while and just process,” Moreland says. After nearly a decade in the limelight, constantly jostled by the expectations of his audience, the music industry, and anonymous strangers online, he carved out some time to rest, heal, and reflect for the first time.

The result of that unplugged year at home is Visitor.  Moreland recorded the album at his home in Bixby, Oklahoma, in only ten days, playing nearly every instrument himself (his wife Pearl Rachinsky sang on one song, and his longtime collaborator John Calvin Abney contributed a guitar solo), as well as engineering and mixing the album. “In 2023, during a year-long break from touring, in an attempt to regain my sanity, I stopped using a smart phone for 6 months, and wrote this album.” Moreland stated, adding, “I recorded it in my living room, with help from my wife, Pearl Rachinsky. I wanted to make a natural sounding folk-rock record. Simplicity and immediacy felt very important to the process, so I knocked out the tracking in about 10 days, playing every instrument on the album myself, save for one guitar solo (John Calvin Abney – The More You Say, The Less It Means), and Pearl contributed some bgv’s on one song (Ain’t Much I Can Do About It). Lyrical themes include digital life vs actual life, a bit of “What the hell is up with the world?,” and a whole bunch of “What the hell is wrong with me?”

Moreland begins the album where he begins his year-long process of healing: doom scrolling through images of political turmoil, war, and environmental destruction, in a trio of surprisingly hooky folk songs that address present-day social realities more directly than any previous John Moreland songs. On opening track “The Future Is Coming Fast”, Moreland describes the perpetually logged-on life in a time of rolling catastrophe over gentle fingerpicking, exploring how in order to cope with our digitally mediated lives, where we constantly bear witness to ongoing disasters while feeling powerless to do anything about them.

So what’s Moreland’s solution to this impasse? Simplicity. No shows for a whole year. No smartphone. No studio time. No additional musicians. There are even two haunting instrumental interludes that Moreland tracked live with a field recorder during late-night country drives – Who knew that, on top of everything else, Moreland plays the mandolin and fiddle? Stripping his sound back to its core, his arresting vocals are so intimate it feels like you are in the vocal booth together. Both seismic and subtle, his songs the unsettling “One Man Holds The World Hostage” and folk rocker “Gentle Violence” reflect on the personal while challenging the status quo.

On “Gentle Violence,” Moreland stated, “Gentle Violence is a song about a strained relationship with a loved one, in the hyper-political post-pandemic USA. The tension and sorrow around the tough relationship are a microcosm of the tension and sorrow we feel as citizens of this broken world.”

WATCH “Gentle Violence” visualizer HERE.

John Moreland is known for writing lines that hit you in the gut, but many of the best moments on Visitor are more subtle. The significance of one of the record’s best lines, from “The More You Say, The Less It Means,” may take multiple listens to fully sink in: “Some folks say and some folks know”. This line sums up John Moreland’s worldview very neatly. It lays out the dichotomy of truth and lies that Moreland has spent his entire career examining, but now more elegantly than ever.

Moreland has been an outlier and walked his own path his entire career which began when he made major industry impact in 2010s with an impressive run of albums that earned him a devoted fanbase, accolades from outlets like The New York Times, Fresh Air, and Pitchfork and a place in the upper echelon of modern American singer-songwriters. Then Moreland highlighted his fierce artistic independence and released a brilliant and sonically layered folk-electronica meditation on modern alienation, 2022’s Birds In The Ceiling, that took some of his fans by surprise. Once again he went against the grain when after wrapping up a difficult tour behind that record he shut out the world and made Visitor, arguably the best album of his career. Celebrating his ingenuity of songcraft, thoughtful lyricism and a possession of a singular voice – one that  will further establish John Moreland as one of the great singer-songwriters of his generation.

2. CMAT – Aw, Shoot!


CMAT, the bold, bright BRIT-nominated voice out of Ireland blending country, pop, and a flair for wit and whimsy has released a new single “Aw, Shoot” – a kitchen-sink drama with a western edge and an undeniable, boot-stomping hook. Listen to “Aw, Shoot” here.

The single, premiered today by BBC Radio’s Hottest Record In The World, is her first since her critically acclaimed sophomore album Crazymad, For Me released last fall, which landed her a BRIT nomination for Best International Act (where she caused a stir and started trends with her bottom-bearing dress),  a No.1 record in Ireland, and a recent nom for Best Album at the Ivor Novello Awards. CMAT just wrapped an extensive US headline tour with sold out dates in New York, Seattle, DC and San Francisco – her live show presence drawing comparisons from Natalie Maines to Kate Bush to Peaches to Madonna.

CMAT, who describes herself wittily as a “sad country song of a woman,” shares the backstory and inspiration for “Aw, Shoot” here:

“So there I was, in Paris, France, in a rented flat. I was trying to write songs but it wasn’t going very well at all. I was drinking three bottles of wine a day (Cote du Provence) and I didn’t have any human contact for maybe two weeks, and I was going a little bit crazy, voices in my head etc etc. One evening there was a knock at the door. Who could it be?! I opened the door to find an American girl, who said the following: “Oh! You’re not my friend!” and then turned and walked away. Turns out she got the floors mixed-up, American system vs European flooring system. This was actually a seminal plot point in my favourite tv show Emily in Paris. And then? Well, I properly lost my mind. But on the bright side, I got a banger out of it!”

3. JESSIA – The Woman You Are


Canadian pop singer & songwriter JESSIA reveals her new single, “The Woman You Are,” out on all streaming platforms today. Released just in time for Mother’s Day, “The Woman You Are” is a heartwarming love letter to mothers everywhere.

I’ve been wanting to write a song that celebrates mothers for a while now,” JESSIA writes. “I love seeing strong and powerful women raising strong and powerful women. I grew up seeing my mom as a superhero, and dreamed of living a life half as adventurous and exciting as hers. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize their parents are just people too who seek validation and love, just like us kids. ‘The Woman You Are’ is my way of saying thank you to my mom for the years of encouragement and selflessness she has given me. I hope this song sparks more recognition for all the bad ass moms in this world because we wouldn’t be who we are without them.”

With over 375 million collective global streams, JUNO Award-winning pop songstress JESSIA has taken the music industry by storm, capturing the hearts of fans across the world with her raw talent, dazzling pop melodies, and heart-wrenching lyricism. She made her explosive introduction in 2021 with the viral single, “I’m not Pretty.” Racking up hundreds of millions streams and views, the single caught the attention of Grammy-nominated artist Bebe Rexha, who later joined JESSIA on the track remix. She kept the buzz going with the release of her debut EP, ‘How Are You?,’ which was met with widespread support from iHeart, SiriusXM, and Billboard. 

In 2023, JESSIA bravely transitioned to releasing music independently. Last year also saw JESSIA take her music on the road with an Asia tour supporting OneRepublic and a sold-out Canadian tour with Dean Lewis. She’s continued the momentum into this year with the release of her viral single, “Care About Me,” which has amassed over 1.5 million streams to date. With her undeniable talent and steadfast determination, as well as her ever-growing global fanbase, the sky’s the limit for JESSIA.

4. Max McNown – The Way I Wanna

Source:Max McNown

Today, breakout singer-songwriter Max McNown released a new music video for the sultry song “The Way I Wanna,” from his recently released debut album Wandering–watch HERE. Following his triumphant tours with Americana band Briscoe and Australian artist Blake Rose, McNown will soon be performing larger shows opening for some of country’s hottest stars–from Wyatt Flores to Wynonna Judd–and playing at festivals including Nashville’s Musician’s Corner and AmericanaFest. See below for details and get tickets at

Honing in on intricate storytelling, Wandering shares anecdotes of intense heartache–examining everything from breakups to new love to the pain of watching family members overcome life’s biggest challenges. With production by AJ Pruis, Wandering showcases an ornate musical palette rich in live instrumentation of fiddle, mandolin, dreamy pedal-steel tones, and spellbinding guitar work. Yet McNown took care to foreground his lyrics on every track, viewing his songs as poems set to music.

At 22, McNown has already been on a storied musical journey. Taking control of his future, overcoming personal challenges and drawing inspiration from his brother who was bravely fighting cancer, McNown packed his bags and drove from remote Oregon to Southern California. From there, videos of him busking on a pier made an impact online and eventually grew into a legion of supporters on TikTok.

After attracting interest from major TV talent shows, McNown auditioned for one and then decided it wasn’t for him, and gracefully turned them down as he knew he needed to walk his own path. His loyal fanbase then helped Max amass 50M+ streams and a spot on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart with his breakout single, “A Lot More Free,” which peaked at #1 on the TikTok Breakthrough USA chart. Watch the official music video for “A Lot More Free” HERE.

McNown notes that he’s found an essential touchstone in his own experience with the transformative power of music. “The reason I want to put my songs out into the world is I know how much music has helped me throughout my life,” he says. “Whether it was dealing with a breakup or my brother’s cancer or the troubles we all go through, music gave me hope and made me feel less alone, so now I want to return the favor.”  Be on the lookout for new music soon as McNown adds more songs to his fast-growing catalog.

5. Kiely Connell – Damn Hands

Source:Kiely Connell - Topic

Today, Kiely Connell– Nashville-based, Rustbelt born and raised singer-songwriter, announces her sophomore album My Own Company, due out July 19 via Thirty Tigers. Her debut single “Damn Hands” is a barroom rock-stomper, buoyed by Connell’s powerhouse smoky vocals and fierce penmanship – all in the name of laying down hard boundaries against anyone who gets in your space, uninvited.

Kiely says of the single, which was premiered this morning by Bluegrass Situation, “Why does it always seem impossible to go out for a cocktail without someone’s hand wandering up your thigh? Why Can’t you ever go out on a date without someone thinking that they’ve earned space in your bed for the evening? Apparently, we still need to be talking about boundaries and consent.”

And talk about it she does. Kiely Connell doesn’t mince words – her songwriting is precise, razor-sharp and full of hard truths. Her voice is earth shattering –  soulful, forceful, powerful and with a growly grit that will draw comparisons to Reba and Wynonna.

My Own Company – produced by Tucker Martine (Roseanne Cash, Courtney Barnett, Madison Cunningham) with instrumental backing from bassist Nate Query (the Decembrists), drummer Andrew Borger (Tom Waits, Norah Jones) and long term musical companion and guitarist Drew Kohl – is a hard-to-ignore testament of honesty with heartland rock and a jagged, modern edge.

She sings candidly and full of wisdom about the darker side of the human condition, reflecting on themes of loneliness and mental health. It’s a feat of storytelling – she painfully recalls the death of a friend by suicide when she was in high school on “Restless Bones”, the powerful rebuff of unwanted bar groping found in “Damn Hands, to her own struggles with depression, being alone during the holidays after her eight-year long relationship ended, rocking her foundation, narrated on “Anesthesia.” Ultimately – My Own Company is about loss and recovery, and reclaiming the relationship with yourself.

In Connell’s own words, “It’s about a love that you work so hard on that doesn’t work out in the end, so you ultimately end up working on yourself. You learn that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.”

Connell continues, “Much like my literary heroes Gaiman, Baudelaire, Poe, & Sexton, I find beauty in the darker elements of the human experience.  In my mind the goths and the confessional poets had the right idea. Themes of loneliness, mental health, and journeying into the unknown spiritually and physically are all extremely relatable and I want to be the kind of artist who calls it like I see it. I want to make people feel less alone in their pain, or in knowing that it’s ok to not have all of the answers.”

Connell attributes this to her upbringing in Hammond, Indiana – heart of the rustbelt in northwest Indiana, where deserted towns and looming factories were the backdrop of her childhood. She saw firsthand communities left behind by the system, and the strength it took to endure. This, coupled with her early interest in musical theater, form Connell’s unique point of view – soul of an artist, attitude of a Rustbelt queen.

Connell’s debut album Calumet Queen (2021) – referring to the Calumet River on which she grew up – was praised by Saving Country Music as a “remarkable and auspicious debut that you can see initiating a strong musical legacy as it unfolds into the future.” Her follow-up My Own Company is bound to take Connell to the next level, with bigger and bolder production, in keeping her powerful voice, in every sense of the word.


6. Rosehardt – the world gets smaller each day it seems to shrink


Rising actor and musician Caleb Eberhardt, also known as Rosehardt, is set to captivate audiences with his latest musical endeavor. Fusing elements of hip-hop, vintage R&B, pop, and funk, Rosehardt’s new album, ‘the world gets smaller each day it seems to shrink’ (VERO Music), is a testament to his boundless creativity and introspective lyricism.

Produced by Rosehardt, with Space People and Joy Morales, the album reflects Rosehardt’s desire to convey the sensation of lost innocence and the fear of losing wonder in a world that feels increasingly constricted. Exploring themes of existential dread and personal growth, Rosehardt seamlessly weaves together emotive narratives drawn from his own experiences, offering listeners a glimpse into the complexities of navigating adulthood and the passage of time. He shares, “You notice less and less detail. Unless of course you search for it, but responsibilities and burdens have a way of cutting your search short. You might lose the desire to search for new feelings, or new sensations…you feel as though they’re hard to grasp…”

Rosehardt further explains, “The specific relationships that inspired some of these songs were instrumental in helping me understand how my thirties were going to differ vastly from my twenties, just in perception alone. Perception of the world. Everything felt as though it was preparing to crumble, yet your thirties are the time everyone tends to say things sort of magically come together. It makes me laugh, because it’s kind of both and it’s terrifying”.

At the forefront of the album is the captivating focus track “808 SHIMMY,” a mesmerizing journey through a hazy soundscape adorned with lush synth arrangements and deep basslines. Rosehardt’s velvety vocals glide effortlessly over the polished production, creating a delicate balance between dreamy ambiance and grounded melodies. 

Reflecting on the track’s creation, Rosehardt shares, “I’m really happy with how anthemic this song turned out. Wynne Bennett and I spent a few days together and this was definitely the one we saw the full vision for as soon as she played those four main power chords. I was in LA when we wrote it, so I took a lot of inspiration from the drives I was taking. I saw a clear vision of people playing this song on long highways at night, lit up by their dashboards and headlights from other cars. It’s so visual to me. And the title comes from this image I had of the 808 bass in a song being so deep and full that it shakes the car. So…maybe crank the bass settings up when you play this as you drive.”

Accompanying the release of “808 SHIMMY” is a visually stunning music video that artfully balances ambient lighting and visual contrast to evoke a sense of nostalgia and dreamlike introspection. Through juxtaposing vivid imagery of blood orange sunsets with cold, dark nightscapes, the video invites viewers to explore the complexities of romantic connections, capturing both the euphoric highs and turbulent lows with striking clarity. WATCH HERE

“808 SHIMMY” provides another layer to the eclectic offering that is Rosehardt’s new album. Previous singles three-dimensionalize his creativity and speak to his varied influences, from the groovy yet intellectual track “The Navidson Record” to his standout collaboration “Baby Love” with GRAMMY-nominated artist Masego. But a song that holds a special place in his heart is “~Oceana~” which was written in honor of his home of San Francisco. He muses, “I truthfully just wanted to name the things I was nostalgic for. So as I began to write, I realized that the meter in which I was writing found its rhythm outside of rhyme, so it freed me up to do just that, list all the things I could recall in that moment about my childhood growing up in SF. Natives will recognize things like “sunset”, “kirkham, judah, irving”, “1 down California, 2-8 straight down 19th”… it was important to me to name things that people from SF would hear and feel connected to. It’s been so long since I’ve considered myself a resident of that place, ~Oceana~ was my way of saying ‘I still love you. So so much’.”

While preparing for the new album, Rosehardt simultaneously maintains a thriving career as an actor. He is currently making a splash for his role in the Broadway revival of An Enemy of The People with stars Jeremy Strong (Succession), Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos), and Victoria Pedretti (You, The Haunting). The play opened to acclaim, receiving positive reviews across the board. Of Rosehardt, The New Yorker said his character was “played in sharp, ironic, and deadly accurate style” and Slant Magazine raved about his performance, ‘But it’s Caleb Eberhardt, magnetic in a series of radically varied recent roles (Choir Boy, The Comeuppance, On Sugarland), who makes the strongest impression among the ensemble.” 

He earned a 2024 Drama League Award nomination for Distinguished Performance for his work in both The Comeuppance and An Enemy Of The People. Additionally, he is set to appear in the upcoming film Chestnut, starring alongside Natalia Dyer (Stranger Things), Rachel Keller (Legion), and Danny Ramirez (Top Gun: Maverick), which will hit select theaters on June 21st and be available on-demand July 2nd.

With his boundless creativity, unwavering dedication, and magnetic stage presence, Rosehardt’s future shines brighter than ever before. As he continues to push the artistic envelope, audiences can eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his remarkable journey.

7. Davido ft. Fave – Kante


GRAMMY nominated icon Davido is making history again with his hit fourth studio album Timeless being the most streamed African Album worldwide in 2023. He is also enjoying the critical and commercial success of his recent historic performance at Madison Square Garden on April 17, 2024. The King of Afrobeats celebrates these accomplishments with the release of the official music video for fan favorite track “Kante” feat. Fave, from his acclaimed record-breaking album Timeless. Longtime collaborator Dammy Twitch directs the high-energy video.  Shot on location in South Africa and featuring over twenty dancers. Davido is joined on the video by track collaborator, rising Nigerian artist Fave.  Delivering for eager fans, fresh energy, styling and production, “Kante’s Official Video” is a vibrant nod to the golden age of video production. Watch HERE

In April 2024, Davido achieved another historic milestone with his iconic performance at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. He became one of the few African artists ever to grace the historic venue’s stage, captivating a crowd of 20,000 fans. The exhilarating event showcased all of Davido’s chart-toppers, accompanied by special appearances from Ghanaian dancehall sensation Stonebwoy, Zlatan, Teni, Young Jonn, Fabolous and The Cavemen. Fave, also joined Davido on stage for a captivating rendition of their latest hit “Kante” Watch the video here

Of Today’s video drop, the fourth visual release from Timeless, Davido explains, “I’ve saved one of the best for last, making this video was such a blessing. We wanted to really make it feel different. Bigger, more epic and cinematic. From the location to the dancers, I wanted it to feel like videos I loved watching growing up as a kid. I hope fans have as much fun watching it, as we had making it”. 

On working on “Kante’s” video shoot, Fave recounts, “My favorite part of the project was working with Davido on the video. ‘Kante’ is our baby. Everyone should trust Davido’s ear for music. I feel honored to have been a part of this record as a whole.”

“Kante” serves as the culminating video release from the critically acclaimed LP Timeless, which has garnered billions of streams. Alongside Davido’s current chart-topping single, “Sensational,” with Chris Brown, fans eagerly anticipate new music from the three-time GRAMMY-nominated hitmaker, a promise the artist assures will soon be fulfilled.

8. Jeffrey Eli – Wife Pleaser

Source:Jeffrey Eli

Today, rising artist Jeffrey Eli returns with his first new single of 2024, “Wife Pleaser,” out now via Zelig Records/RCA Records. Listen HERE.

After generating fan demand for the track online when he teased it on socials, “Wife Pleaser” highlights Jeffrey’s signature falsetto vocals against a sultry, guitar-forward production. The single flirtatiously bounces between masculine and feminine perspectives, flipping gender stereotypes with clever lines like “I’m in a mini skirt and a wife pleaser, is that a boy or girl? Bitch, I’m the either.”

Of the song, Jeffrey Eli says, “I want ‘Wife Pleaser’ to become a jock jam and a sports game classic. Imagine, anywhere in America, at any and every athletic event, preferably to start the game, pump up the team or even during halftime with elaborate cheerleader routines. My falsetto mixed with the whistle samples and claps blaring from speakers as the jocks and the bleachers all join in, ‘I’m the wife pleaser!’ Honestly, the whole football team hated me in high school, but if ‘Wife Pleaser’ became an athletic anthem, it would be nature healing. I know deep down they all are dying to queen out so bad. This song is my Super Bowl peace offering. I really hope soon you won’t be able to set foot in a sports bar without hearing ‘Wife Pleaser.’”

Garnering praise for his jaw-dropping vocals, Jeffrey Eli has established himself as an artist to watch through his genre-blending, lyrically playful singles that speak to embracing one’s queerness, gender fluidity, and transcending the gender binary. His emotive opus “Sleeping Beauty” was named by Billboard as one of ‘The 25 Best Pride Songs of 2023,’ and his follow-up single “GAY MAN” served as a pansexual anthem. Praised by GLAAD as a “queer pop sensation,” Jeffrey is set to release new music later this year.

9. JS aka The Best – Single

Source:JS aka The Best - Topic

In partnership with Roc Nation’s indie distribution company Equity, DMV multi-hyphenate JS aka The Best (@JSakaTheBest) liberates his first audio contribution of the new year titled “Single.” Composed of storytelling lyrics centered around doing the self work needed to heal from your past before jumping into a new relationship, the slower tempo Afrobeats track is fused with soulful R&B, Hip-Hop, and elements of Go-Go.

Most known for providing instrumentation to artists like B.o.B., Twista, and Raheem DeVaughn as well as securing notable sync placements with the Washington Wizards, Netflix, and Cartoon Network, JS is just as seasoned in front of the camera as he is in the studio; boasting an acting resume that contains appearances on Hulu’s Wu-Tang An American Saga in addition to commercial spots for Macy’s and Starbucks. Recently tapped as a media personality for both popular gambling sportsbook DraftKings and trending celebrity news outlet The Shade Room, the fresh release finds him living up to his name with vivid colors.

Stream “Single” on your DSP of choice below via Weapon X Evolution and expect matching visuals to be released soon!

10. DThang – Invite Only

Source:Dthang Gz

Taking a bold, unapologetic approach to his music that took the Bronx by storm, DThang continues to prove that he’s unstoppable. Celebrating the fruits of his labor and a successful first quarter of the year, DThang shares not one, but TWO new singles this week –  “Invite Only,” a new single and video out now! Drawing musical inspiration from the other side of the George Washington Bridge, DThang experiments with a club-drill production, showcasing his unlimited flows and animated delivery. The video is just as exciting as the track – DThang links up with his day ones in the studio before they pop out to the strip club with bottomless bankrolls and shimmering chains. Stay tuned for the video coming at 5pm ET today, and another new single coming this week!

“Invite Only” adds another point to DThang’s rap scoreboard, following the April-released “Many Opps” and the March re-release of “Lose It (Freestyle).” After his exoneration earlier this year, DThang wasted no time heating up the streets with the enthralling “Hard Day’s Night / Last Day In” freestyle, garnering over 4.2 million YouTube views to date. Upon his release from jail, French Montana took him under his wing as a mentee, gifting him some new ice and a shopping spree. On Valentine’s Day, DThang dropped “Smoochie Valentine,” a Nelly-inspired cut for the baddies. Featuring a cameo by Nelly, “Smoochie Valentine” reached the Top 20 on YouTube’s Trending Chart for Music with over 1.7 million views in its first week. Most recently, he dropped off “Drill Cappers,” a fiery cut aiming at the clout chasers of the drill scene.

Leading the charge in 2021 during the early era of the Bronx drill movement, DThang became a prominent figure in the scene with cult-classic street anthems like “Gz Bop” and “LIKE,” gaining millions of views on YouTube. Alongside peers like Kay Flock, Sha Gz, and Bando, DThang was set to define the sound of Bronx drill for years to come.

Vindicated and more vicious than ever, DThang is here to stay and take the rap game by storm. Stay tuned for all that he has coming in 2024!

11. DThang – Scene Pt. 2

Source:4 Shooters Only

Bronx drill stepper DThang just dropped his new single “Scene Pt. 2” on DSPs today, and it’s definitely a banger that can’t go unnoticed!

Following up his “Invite Only” single released on Tuesday, DThang keeps his stride with “Scene Pt. 2,” continuing to feed his cult-like fanbase with unlimited quotables. Originally launched as a “From The Block” video on For Shooters Only last week and the sequel to one of his most-viewed singles, the new cut finds the young star asserting himself as one of NYC’s top risers in the game. Showing pride of growing up in the birthplace of hip-hop, DThang brings his talents to The Bronx’s Roberto Clemente State Park in the video, continuing to rip the competition to shreds as he raps in front of a hanging mic.

Both “Scene Pt. 2” and “Invite Only” continue the raspy-voiced South Bronx rapper’s exciting run of loose singles, following up “Many Opps,” which saluted fellow NYC rapper 50 Cent. Raking in hundreds of thousands of views with each release, DThang is back to disrupt the rap game in the best way possible. Stay tuned for new music from DThang.

12. Ghostface Killah – Set The Tone (Guns & Roses)

Source:Ghostface Killah

Today, New York rap stalwart and Wu-Tang veteran Ghostface Killah returns with his first album in five years, Set The Tone. In celebration of his 54th birthday, the lyrically gifted emcee shares his new 19-track opus with the rest of the world. 

Stream Set The Tone here via Mass Appeal. 

Set The Tone includes the previously released single “YUPP!” featuring Remy Ma, which Stereogum described as “a stripped-back neck-jerk track that uncorks all the frenzied bug-out energy that made Ghost a legend in the first case.” Ghostface’s 12th studio album is also home to his new single “Scar Tissue” featuring Nas, which marks the consummate artists first collaboration since 1995’s “Verbal Intercourse” on Raekwon’s seminal debut Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. 

Set The Tone is Ghostface Killah’s first full-length project since 2019’s Ghostface Killahs, and his first release on Mass Appeal. The new album includes a who’s who of big-name collaborations with Nas, Ye (formerly known as Kanye West), Raekwon, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Sheek Louch, Ja Rule, Jim Jones, Trevor Jackson, October London, Bee-B, and more. The rap titan’s latest offering was conceived after years of Ghostface making prominent appearances on albums from Kendrick Lamar (Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers) and Westside Gunn (10), among others. 

Elsewhere, Ghostface is gearing up for a performance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center next month (June 29) for the “Masters of Ceremony” hip-hop concert. The Wu-Tang rapper will be joined by Pusha T, The LOX, Ja Rule, Jim Jones, Jeremih, and other artists. 

Over the years, Ghostface has maintained his position as one of the most culturally relevant artists for entire generations. Candidly, he has nothing left to prove. And yet, the legendary rapper continues to set the bar high for hip-hop whenever he decides to spit a verse. 

Fans can purchase Set The Tone products including limited edition t-shirts, jackets, a special vinyl edition of the album, and other exclusive web items HERE

13. Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson – Without You

Source:Felix Jaehn

German DJ and producer Felix Jaehn is back with his new track “Without You” in collaboration with singer-songwriter Jasmine Thompson, a breezy pop-dance track that’s also very special to both artists. Opening with a wistful guitar solo, Felix interweaves organic, lilting melodies with a subtle but upbeat four-on-the-floor bassline. Meanwhile, Jasmine’s emotive, breathy vocals steal the show as she expresses the track’s heartfelt lyrics through a simply gorgeous performance. The two previously collaborated on 2015’s hit “Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better),” which went 3 x Gold, 33 x Platinum, and 1 x Diamond on the European charts. But “Without You” is so much more than a simple reunion from these two talented artists: it’s a track to memorialize the growth they have both experienced in the last 9 years, all the while remaining cherished friends and supporters of each other on a career and personal level. “Without You” is the manifestation of years of intention to collaborate again, and it came to fruition in a matter of weeks once Felix sent Jasmine the idea for the track. Felix and Jasmine’s bond is so evident throughout the production that is bound to bring out the feels! Read on for quotes about this personal new track below:

It feels like reunions are rare in the music industry, and that’s why I was so happy to get the opportunity to work with Felix again. Being in the studio together brought back all those good vibes from the ‘Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)’ days. His creativity and energy are super inspiring. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it and feel those summer vibes. It’s been a dream to work with an old friend again.” – Jasmine Thompson

Reuniting with Jasmine Thompson for ‘Without You’ has been an incredible journey back to the vibes of 2015. It’s been almost ten years since ‘Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better),’ and it feels like we picked up right where we left off. This song is our way of capturing that melodic, chill essence of summer and sunsets, perfect for an open-air vibe. I couldn’t have done this without Jasmine – her talent and spirit are essential to bringing this track to life. ‘Without You’ is a celebration of our musical chemistry and a special gift for our fans. I hope it becomes a soundtrack to many unforgettable summer moments.” – Felix Jaehn

14. Gaby Moreno & LA LOM – Alma Florecida

Source:Gaby Moreno

Hot on the heels of groundbreaking Grammy® Award and Latin Grammy Award wins, the critically acclaimed singer, and songwriter Gaby Moreno returns with her newest track “Alma Florecida” in collaboration with the Los Angeles League of Musicians, LA LOM, today. The track brings to life a striking union of sounds featuring Gaby’s own signature Latin and rock blend that brilliantly coalesces with LA LOM’s dynamic Cumbia, Afro Cuban Jazz, and Americana. The Spanish track “Alma Florecida” is a return to the classic Latin American music that shaped both artists resulting in a striking melting pot of nostalgia and romance that soundtracks the transcendent feeling when two lovers are connected by a deep connection.

Additionally, Gaby is currently on her headlining tour across North America performing her extensive catalog through a series of electrifying shows. The trek continues in Groton, MA tonight and runs through June 15 in North Truno, MA and select shows in Florida in October – see full tour dates below.

The track follows the release of her riveting new album, Dusk, out now via Cosmica Artists. Rooted in Americana, Dusk captures Gaby’s incredible range through a staggering universe of Gaby’s creation featuring elements of blues, rock’n’roll, and Latin folk sounds with both songs in English and Spanish. The album pays homage to Gaby’s extraordinary life journey spotlighting her life-changing move from Guatemala to the United States in pursuit of her dreams. The striking sonic bed provides the perfect soundtrack for conversations surrounding fear, loneliness, courage, and the many other feelings that come with such a drastic change, yet brilliantly evokes hope by embracing insurmountable change. ‘Dusk’ also features the breakout track, “Luna de Xelajú” in collaboration with Golden Globe-winning and Emmy-nominated actor, producer, and musician Oscar Isaac that has garnered large critical acclaim showcasing her towering vocal prowess. Coupled with her extensive history in Americana, Dusk solidifies Gaby as the most prominent and celebrated Latina artist in the genre. 

Serving as her ninth studio album, Gaby’s seasoned career has seen its biggest explosion in the recent months cementing Gaby’s rightful place as one of today’s most revered artists. On January 22nd, Gaby made her late night TV debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with breathtaking performance with Oscar Isaac, and on February 4th, just minutes before accepting her award for ‘Best Latin Pop Album’ for her X Mí (Vol. 1) project, Gaby delivered a jaw-dropping performance on stage at the 66th Annual Grammy® Awards premiere ceremony with “Luna de Xelajú” that continues to gain major momentum online. Gaby’s ascension has just begun.

15. Kalan.Frfr – Make The West Great Again

Source:Kalan. FrFr

Roc Nation artist, Kalan.FrFr, who is poised to make a significant impact in the music industry has released his highly-anticipated EP, Make The West Great Again. As an ode to the region of hip-hop that once reigned supreme, Kalan’s project couldn’t come at a better time positioning him to take the torch and bring the West Coast sound back to the forefront.

This 8-track project is a cohesive body of work that is primed to ignite the resurgence of West Coast dominance in hip-hop. With feature appearances from YG, Ty Dolla $ign, G Herbo, and Spooky Jay, MTWGA arrives just in time for Kalan’s summer takeover.

Along with the new project, Kalan shares the music video for his Bankroll Got It-produced smash single “Everybody.” Directed by Benmarc, the video showcases the burgeoning artist surrounded by a united front as he brings the song’s bold lyrics to life.

16. JayO ft. Crayon & Bella Shmurda – Reset

Source:JayO Again

Following his recent successes, British R&B sensation JayO returns with ‘Reset’ featuring afrobeat stars Crayon and Bella Shmurda. The release marks another milestone in JayO’s already illustrious career, building upon the momentum generated by his previous hits, including the viral sensation ’22’ and more recent releases, ‘Back’ and ‘Often’. Listen HERE.

Produced by Magicsticks, JayO delivers an up-beat and infectious offering, infusing the track with his signature blend of soulful vocals and irresistible grooves, acting as the perfect curtain raiser to summer. Directed by Davidson F – part of the Nigerian collective, Fedworks – the single is accompanied by a visual which was shot during a recent trip JayO took to his homeland of Nigeria, and showcases the many personalities of JayO; in the studio, in the club, in his element.

JayO is an explorer. Whether it be his literal location, his sound or his style, the 24-year-old singer, songwriter and producer is not interested in being stuck in one place. “I try and do everything, try and see everything,” the North London artist explains. Accordingly, the British-Nigerian artist’s output is hard to pin down under one specific umbrella; since his teen years, he’s been uploading tracks and tapes to the internet and teasing songs on social media over the years, trying his hand at everything from grime, hip-hop, house, R&B and Afrobeats. These days, it’s the latter two genres which take centre-stage in his sound. JayO’s first official releases, ‘XO’ and the aforementioned ‘22’, have had an especially huge reception – the former a slinky, humid track; the latter, a sexy number laden with sultry clouds of piano and sweet, delicate vocals. In the summer of 2023, he performed at the Black British cultural moment that was Stormzy’s This Is What We Mean Day. But, as JayO puts it: “I feel like I’m just at the beginning of my journey.”

Inspired by a youth spent running around in church, or else visiting family in Nigeria, listening to Afrobeats and old school R&B at parties there, the unifying factor for JayO’s music is a desire to recreate the feeling those spaces gave him: “That feel-good music that you can still hit play on at a party even forty years later? For me, my music is an interpretation of that feeling…I make music that makes people feel good.” It’s a multi-genre sound he’s been honing since being a kid messing about on a laptop, alongside trips to his local youth club, getting behind the mic in the studio space there. To this day, many of the early takes of his music are made in his bedroom, singing into a mic with his laptop perched on his legs. It’s perhaps this which lends JayO’s sound a particularly warm sense of intimacy.

On his forthcoming music, JayO is building on that gentle feel-good vibe. He may just be getting started, but his journey is already one filled with tantalising promise. This is music that brings to life the exciting caress of connection, the heady, nocturnal locking of eyes with someone at a party, the heat of what is left unspoken. Like the artist himself, this is a sound that reverberates with the exploration of possibility.

‘Reset’ is available now on all major streaming platforms. 

17. Tiwa Savage – Water & Garri (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Source:Tiwa Savage

Today the anointed Queen of Afrobeats TIWA SAVAGE releases the soundtrack for her feature film, ‘Water & Garri.’. The feature film from Everything Savage and Unbound Studio also arrives today on Amazon Prime Video with the soundtrack released on the same day through EMPI.RE. Listen HERE.

The immersive and captivating soundtrack was curated by Savage and includes ten original songs from Tiwa alongside featured artists from the worlds of Afropop, R&B and Hip Hop. Featured artists include Grammy nominated stars Olamide and Ayra Starr, respected Nigerian singer-songwriter ASA, Cameroonian multi-instrumentalist and singer Richard Bona, gospel artist Zacardi Cortez as well as newer talent Black Sherif, Young Jonn, MystroSugar and The Cavemen all feature on the album. 

“The soundtrack makes heavy use of live instrumentation and ambient sound effects to create an immersive experience while Tiwa returns with her signature overtone-singing,” stated Variety magazine. “The project includes an array of sonic elements from Afrobeat and Afropop to amapiano to R&B, gospel, and hints of mainstream trap and pop.”

“People expect a certain sound from me, but in doing a soundtrack, I could experiment,” says Savage. “African culture I either put it in my fashion or put it in my music, always. It’s because it’s beautiful to be African,”

The Water & Garri film marks a pivotal chapter in Tiwa’s artistic journey as she embarks in the world of film taking on her first lead role in a feature movie as well as its Executive Producer. Both the film and soundtrack fold together to reveal poignant cultural shifts and internal thoughts as Savage plays the lead role of Aisha, an ambitious fashion designer who returns to her native home ‘Eastside’ after 10 years away living in the United States. At home, Aisha finds that things have drastically changed, violence has escalated and tensions are high. As she reconnects with family, old friends, and her past love, she must learn to live with her scars and confront the guilt she left behind.

Filmed in the city of Cape Coast, Ghana, the picture is directed by Meji Alabi and entails gripping cinematography and storytelling. The drama also stars Mike Afolarin (Far FromHome), Andrew Bunting (Dynamite), and Jemima Osunde (New Money).

In July 2023 Tiwa celebrated the 10th anniversary of her ground-breaking debut album ‘Once Upon A Time’. The album not only marked the beginning of her successful career, but also showcased her exceptional talent, paving the way for her ascend to becoming one of Africa’s most influential music artists. This followed with the subsequent releases of R.E.D(2015), Sugarcane. E.P (2017), Celia (2020) and Water & Garri EP (2021) racking up over a billion streams across all platforms. 

Musically, Tiwa has collaborated with global superstars Chris Martin of Coldplay, Beyonce on ‘The Gift’ and ‘Black Is King’, Nas, Brandy, Sam Smith, Omarion, Wizkid, and Davido. In 2018 she became the first female to win the MTV European Music Award for Best African Act, sold out two successful North American and European tours and in 2023 performed at the Coronation Concert for British Monarch King Charles II, representing The Commonwealth. In 2025, Savage will play a headline concert at London’s Wembley Arena.


18. Tink – Huh


19. Tee Grizzley ft. Future – Swear To God

Source:Tee Grizzley

Leveling up once more, multiplatinum Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley unleashes an unshakable and undeniable new single and music video entitled “Swear To God” out now via Grizzley Gang/300 Entertainment. The song unites two of the game’s most distinct and dynamic voices on one anthem. Listen HERE. Watch the video HERE.

The track laces a synth-spiked soundscape with triumphant horns and airy beat-craft. Right from the jump, Future holds nothing back on the hard-hitting hook, going on to proclaim, “Fuck your album, shit ain’t slapping like my mixtape.” Tee Grizzley counters with confessional, yet catchy bars as he admits, “All this shit I seen, got too much trauma, I need therapy.” Together, they lock into a visceral and vital volley. Directed by Jerry Productions, the accompanying visual brings them together on screen. They shut down Miami, cruising in exotic cars, kicking it with friends, and posting up on a massive yacht. The clip proves as otherworldly and opulent as their luxury raps are!

“Suffer In Silence” marked his first release of 2024 on the heels of last year’s fan favorite body of work Tee’s Coney Island. The standout “IDGAF” [feat. Mariah the Scientist & Chris Brown] amassed over 85 million streams and counting, vaulted to #1 at US Urban Radio, soared into the Top 30 on the Billboard Hip-Hop/R&B Chart, and saw him crack the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time since 2017. Not to mention, he rolled through On The Radar for what became a celebrated freestyle, posting up hundreds of thousands of views in the process.

Continuing a back-to-back run, his prior smashes have recently included “Gorgeous Remix” [feat. Skilla Baby & City Girls], “Loop Hole” [with 21 Savage], and more.

20. Gunna – One of Wun


Today, four-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated, multi-platinum Atlanta rap superstar Gunna released his fifth studio album One of Wun via Young Stoner Life Records/300 Entertainment – Listen HERE

The 20-track album boasts superstar collaborations with Offset, Normani, Leon Bridges and Roddy Ricch! Full tracklist below.

The One of Wun artwork was created by Calvin Clausell Jr., featuring creative direction by Spike Jordan of The Genius Club, as well as art direction and design by Tal Midyan. 

Last weekend, Gunna kicked off his highly anticipated The Bittersweet Tour with an electrifying show at Schottenstein Center in Columbus, OH. The show began with an opening set from Flo Milli and continued with Gunna taking the stage to “Bittersweet” for the song’s live debut. Throughout the two-hour set, he played back-to-back classic hits like pushin P, fukumean, plus new favorites “Whatsapp (Wassam),” “Bittersweet” and “Prada Dem”. The show featured insane visuals and a massive sculpture resembling Gunna, designed by Daniel Arsham and Spike Jordan.

‘The Bittersweet Tour’ continues tonight, May 10, with a performance in Minneapolis at The Armory before making additional stops in Denver, Phoenix, Houston and more before wrapping up on June 11th in Atlanta, GA  at State Farm Arena. For tickets and tour info, please visit

21. Myles Smith – Stargazing

Source:Myles Smith

With a trail of mesmerized fans and over 180 million streams under his belt, singer-songwriter sensation Myles Smith is poised to captivate audiences once again with his latest single, “Stargazing,” out now via Sony Music UK/RCA Records. This eagerly anticipated track promises to be a celestial addition to his already stellar repertoire of soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Initially teased to fans on socials last month, “Stargazing” has only continued Myles’ meteoric rise, generating over 80 million views across his teaser videos, while the audio has been used on over 26,000 creations on TikTok and 57,000 creations on Instagram Reels, generating nearly 300 million views across both platforms. Building on the success of his debut EP, You Promised A Lifetime, with his latest offering, Myles invites listeners on a cosmic journey of self-discovery and introspection, inviting them to explore the depths of their emotions under the vast expanse of the night sky. 

Of the song, Myles says: “I love the idea that the person we fall in love with has been there our whole life. I first came up with the idea for ‘Stargazing’ in LA earlier this year and it’s been amazing to see the journey of the track and everybody’s reactions to it.”

Hailing from Luton, England, Myles Smith has carved out a niche for himself in the music industry with his unique blend of folk, americana and pop influences. A virtuoso guitarist since the age of nine, Myles has garnered acclaim for his DIY approach and genuine connection with his audience. His previous releases, including the viral hits “Solo” and “My Home,” have solidified his position as a rising star in the music world. 

2024 has already been a monumental year for Myles, who was recently announced as Apple’s Up Next Artist, Deezer’s Next Artist, and sold out his first ever headline tour across the UK, Europe and North America. Myles’ dedicated fanbase is evident, with over one million followers on both Instagram and TikTok and 6.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify. He is set to embark on The Slightly Less Lonely Global Tour, which will include stops across Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Chicago and more, with the majority of shows already sold out. Full run of dates and tickets are on sale at

Alongside his global tour, Myles will be supporting Tom Odell at Alexandra Palace and will be gracing the stage at a number of festivals around the world including Austin City Limits, BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, The Great Escape, Latitude Festival, Oberkampf Festival, and Pilgrimage Festival. As anticipation builds for Myles Smith’s, one thing is certain: the sky’s the limit for this talented artist.

22. rlyblonde – Dumb Blonde


rlyblonde – the project of Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Carina Allen – returns with her new single, “Dumb Blonde.” Teeming with buzzy guitar riffs and clever, confessional lyricism, “Dumb Blonde” is a wholly addictive pop-rock anthem. 

The song follows rlyblonde’s inner monologue as she fights against the little voice in her head that tells her everything is just a moment away from falling apart. “Life is unpredictable,” rlyblonde quips. “One day you’re on top of the world, the next day you’re having a meltdown…you’re never going to hit a point where you stop facing challenges, especially as an artist. So when things ARE good, you might as well enjoy it, even if it’s just for one night.”

After years of being the go-to photographer, videographer and creative director for New York’s favorite indie acts, rlyblonde reintroduced herself in 2023 as a DIY rock darling with the release of her debut EP, ‘Fantasy.’ She released 5 self-directed & produced music videos alongside the EP, performed at iconic venues across New York City, and captured the attention of key tastemakers like The Luna Collective and Unpublished Magazine.

Keen to continue growing and evolving as an artist, rlyblonde has been working with producer and multi-instrumentalist Robbie Guariglia (The Veronicas, Oh Honey, Native Sun) and is now ready to reveal a whole new chapter of music. “It’s been such a gift to work with someone who is willing to take the time to properly flesh out a song and sound, who wants to really understand what is going on inside my brain, and who can help me translate all of that into my music,” rlyblonde explains of her experience working with Robbie on her new songs. “It’s been invaluable and I think it shows in the music.”

Listen to “Dumb Blonde” on all streaming platforms:

23. RealRichIzzo – Welcome To Inkster


RealRichIzzo’s fourth studio album, Welcome To Inkster has arrived via Priority Records. Accompanying the album release is the highly anticipated music video for the track “Red Light.” The 16-track project comes hot off the heels of his most recent tour with Sexyy Red and promises to be a raw and powerful showcase of RealRichIzzo’s talents, brimming with his signature aggressive authenticity.

Hailing from the rough streets of Inkster, Michigan, RealRichIzzo’s music is deeply rooted within his experiences of growing up through hardship and displacement. The rising rapper’s journey helped develop a relentless work ethic and a keen eye for detail, both of which are evident in every track, showcasing the experiences that shaped him.

RealRichIzzo’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric. The album also features producer CallUpTay on “Cash App”, who has also recently produced for Drake. Since signing with Priority Records, RealRichIzzo’s meteoric rise has been fueled by critically acclaimed singles such as “Password,” “House Arrest,” and “Signing Day.” Now, with Welcome To Inkster, he’s ready to explode onto the rap world.

With Welcome To Inkster, RealRichIzzo is poised to cement his status as Detroit’s next rap superstar. His unique, gritty sound continues to captivate audiences, and his raw energy and undeniable talent promise to propel him to even greater heights.

24. KP Skywalka – Back To Granny’s


KP Skywalka, the most-played rapper from the D.C. area, is poised to captivate audiences once again with the release of his latest project, “Back to Granny’s House,” set to drop on May 10th, 2024. Following the success of his previous project, “Granny’s House,” KP Skywalka is back with a sequel that promises to deliver the same soulful vibes and introspective lyricism that has made him a standout in the hip-hop scene.

Known for his distinctive blend of warm soul and ’90s and ‘70s R&B samples, KP Skywalka’s music resonates with audiences on a deeply emotional level. His doe-eyed rhymes weave tales of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery, inviting listeners into his world with a raw honesty that is both abrasive and sweet. With “Back to Granny’s,” KP continues to showcase his lyrical prowess, offering a unique blend of spiritual depth and street authenticity that sets him apart from his peers.

One of the highlights of “Back to Granny’s House” is a feature from popular Detroit artist Peezy, adding an extra layer of depth and diversity to KP’s already impressive sound. Peezy’s contribution further elevates the project, promising fans an unforgettable listening experience from start to finish.

Drawing inspiration from his upbringing in the southeast neighborhoods of Washington, D.C., KP Skywalka pays homage to his roots while also infusing his music with elements of Jay-Z, young Wiz Khalifa, Boosie, and Pimp C. The result is a captivating fusion of D.C. influence and classic hip-hop swagger that showcases KP’s versatility as an artist.

As anticipation builds for the release of “Back to Granny’s House,” KP Skywalka stands as a beacon for those seeking lyrical depth and real-world resonance in their playlists. With cosigns from industry heavyweights like IDK, Veeze, and Offset, KP Skywalka is poised to make a lasting impact on the hip-hop landscape with his latest offering.

25. T.I. & YoungBoy Never Broke Again – LLOGCLAY


Today T.I. delivers “LLOGCLAY” with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, from T.I.’s forthcoming final album “Kill The King”.  This single is an ode to his big brother, manager, mentor, and patna Clay Evans who unfortunately passed away last year.  Clay played a major impact in T.I.’s life, helping guide him through his 20+ year career tenure.  There’s currently also a mural on the facade of T.I.’s Atlanta staple, Trap City Cafe in Bankhead, installed earlier last month.  Tip shared on social media this week, “What we built as a crew, will never be erased.”  This is evident in the single’s artwork, which commemorates Clay in a diamond-encrusted pendant alongside the iconic Hustle Gang pendant.

This has been a busy week for the Atlanta rapper, comedian, and entrepreneur.  He kicked off the week performing standup at Netflix’s Netflix Is A Joke Comedy Fest, followed by Wednesday receiving an ASCAP Pop Award for Drake/21 Savage “Rich Flex” which samples “24s” and closes out the week today performing at the LA County Fair.  From there he’ll head to Kazakhstan next week for an arena show.

This single has an accompanying visualizer on T.I.’s VEVO, which will be available today at noon EST. Stay tuned for more music, movies, and laughs from the King of the South, T.I. this year.  As Tip says, “U DIGGG”.

26. Ella Galvin – The Way It Goes

Source:Ella Galvin

Today, rising New York-based artist Ella Galvin announces her debut EP, ‘The Way It Goes,’ out June 14th, and presents the EP’s title track and accompanying music video

Combining soulful vocals, catchy pop hooks, and grooving rock instrumentation, “The Way It Goes” upholds Ella’s penchant for eluding genre limitations. “‘The Way It Goes’ is a song about going back and forth between wanting to see your ex and not wanting to reopen those wounds again and risk being disappointed,” says Ella.

The single arrives alongside Ella’s first official music video. Filmed in New York City and directed by Cel Sanel, the video introduces viewers to the different facets of Ella, from her love of fashion to her queer identity.

Taking influence from pop, soul, jazz and rock, Ella’s songs showcase her fondness for experimentation and innovation. Her upcoming EP, ‘The Way It Goes,’ out June 14th, masterfully combines her genre-blending musical influences with diaristic storytelling that explores themes of love, loss, and self-identity. Across the EP’s 6-tracks, Ella captures the charm, growing pains and introspection she’s experienced as a young, queer woman trying to make it in New York City, 

Ella Galvin got her start performing in a variety of fusion bands in Boston and New York before branching out with her own solo project in 2022. She’s spent the last few years developing her sound and fine-tuning her live show with performances around New York City. With early support pouring in from tastemakers like Unpublished Magazine and The Honey Pop, Ella Galvin is an artist you’re going to want to keep an eye on.

27. BlakeIANA ft. Moneybagg Yo – Pricey


Maintaining incredible momentum this year, buzzing St. Louis rapper BlakeIANA shares a brand new single and music video entitled “PRICEY” [feat. Moneybagg Yo] out now via 300 Entertainment. It serves as the latest single off her anxiously awaited debut project coming this summer. 

Listen HERE. Watch HERE.

The track notably samples Kelis’ song “Bossy” and marks her first collaboration with multi platinum chart-topping Memphis titan Moneybagg Yo. From the jump, BlakeIANA celebrates the finer things and makes a declaration as she repeats, “I’m pricey…I’m the type that make ‘em buy up the store.” While Moneybagg Yo rolls through with a smooth, slick, and showstopping cameo. Meanwhile, she speaks her ambitions into reality by spitting bars like, “Presidential bitch pulling up in black trucks.”

Directed by PHILLYFLYBOY, the accompanying visual nods to the classic gangster epic Scarface. BlakeIANA does her best Michelle Pfeiffer impression—down to her high-fashion styling and striking blonde hair. At the same time, Moneybagg Yo channels Tony Montana, rapping by the pool of a 21st century mansion with enough gusto to make Al Pacino proud. 

About the song, BlakeIANA commented, “‘Pricey’ is literally what it means. I’m a pricey girl and anyone that wants to be involved with me has to come correct or not come at all.” 

It lands in the wake of “STL FINEST”. Gaining critical acclaim, Girls United promised it was “worth adding to your playist,” going on to rave, “BlakeIANA is a fiery force

28. Yaya Bey – Ten Fold

Source:Yaya Bey

Today, Yaya Bey releases her new album Ten Fold via Big Dada. Ahead of its release, Ten Fold has been met with an overwhelming amount of critical acclaim, having been touted as a must-listen in Spring Album Previews from NPR and Pitchfork. The album includes previously released singles “me and all my n****s” which she debuted a live performance of in her stunning NPR Tiny Desk concert, “sir princess bad bitch,” “chasing the bus,” “crying through my teeth,” and “the evidence.” Ten Fold brims with the nuances of Yaya’s identity and interests, which she’s poured into every aspect of this album’s rollout, serving as the creative director, co-director, and stylist across all of the project’s visuals. 

As a second-generation artist, Yaya’s learned the lessons to feel resolute in her relationship to music and root her songwriting in a realistic portrait of what it means to be an artist. On Ten Fold, she brings her unadulterated truth to the forefront, with the faith that music is her calling and that the world will receive her truth and she’ll reap the fruits of her and her family’s labor tenfold. Yaya’s new LP is definitive, harkening back to aspects of her past while examining the future of the world around her. Over rapturous production from Corey Fonville (of Butcher Brown), Karriem Riggins, Jay Daniel, Exactly and Boston Chery, Yaya delivers a free-spoken masterpiece that speaks to the intricacies of persevering through a year punctuated by grief and loss, life-altering milestones and everything in between.

Setting the stage for what fans can expect from live renditions of the album, Yaya took the stage for several unofficial showcases at SXSW in March. She captivated the audience at The Politics House with a performance which Rolling Stone likened to Nina Simone and Roberta Flack. Starting May 23rd, Yaya will be playing four special release shows with dates in Brooklyn, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, before embarking on a North American and European festival run throughout the Summer.

Born Hadaiyah Bey, Yaya first started writing songs at the age of nine and emerged onto the scene as a reinvigorating voice in the new vanguard of R&B storytellers with her breakout 2020 album Madison Tapes. Her widely praised 2022 LP Remember Your North Star earned critical acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, NPR, ESSENCE, and more. Recently, she starred alongside Immanuel Wilkins in an ad campaign for Converse’s recent collaboration with New York-based brand AwakeNY.

Listen to Ten Fold above, find tour routing details below and stay tuned for more from Yaya via socials. 

29. Kiefer – Something For Real


Today, pianist and producer Kiefer – known for his blend of beat-making and virtuosic jazz skills as well as his work with Drake and Anderson .Paak, among many others– released Something For Real, his first official live album featuring the Kiefer Trio including Luke Titus (drums) and Pera Krstajic (bass) via Stones Throw Records.

The album arrives on the heels of Kiefer’s triumphant NPR Tiny Desk concert which dropped early this week, supported by his trio Luke Titus and Pera Krstajic and surprise guest appearances by supremely talented friends Charlie Hunter, Nate Smith, CARRTOONS, and Theo Croker. NPR says, “He plays with a sense of joy that I haven’t seen in a while and when his eyes connect with a fellow player, it’s as if he’s thanking them each time. With decades clocked behind the piano and a strong catalog, Kiefer Shackelford is primed for the moment.”

Something For Real is a snapshot of an artist in his groove. Recorded at an electric show in Los Angeles in April 2023, the live album features a collection of favorites from Kiefer’s catalog as well as a brand new track – “Something For Real” – and a stirring rendition of Bobby Hutcherson’s “Montara”. On display: Kiefer’s technical wizardry, musicianship and that intangible spark that can only be captured in a live room.

Kiefer chose not to tell his live collaborators– Luke Titus and Pera Krstajic– that the show was being recorded, thus giving the performance “a spark that can only exist when the art is organic and simple.” The musicianship is on display, the improvisations exploratory, the vibes immaculate. The live album was conceived as a project without rules: “three friends playing for each other, for fun. With friends, for friends. Something for real!”

Kiefer’s first release with Stones Throw was the 2016 album Happysad. His most recent album was last year’s It’s Ok, B U – a record that saw Kiefer return to his beat-making roots. In addition to his solo work, Kiefer has produced, played, and written for artists including Drake and Anderson .Paak, winning a Grammy for his work with the latter. Kiefer recently completed two sold out nights with this trio at the famed Blue Note NYC, and will tour Asia this summer. He’ll also accompany Nate Smith and CARRTOONS across the US in May.

30. Kodak Black – Dis Time

Source:Kodak Black

Within a week of dropping the self-directed “Dis Time” video it amassed over 1.3M views and still climbing. It’s currently trending top 20 on YouTube. Watch it HERE. “Dis Time” was produced by Ayo B and Dr. Zeuz.

Combining street vignettes with the soul of a world-weary blues singer, Kodak Black is rap’s most indelible innovator. Since releasing “No Flockin” in 2014, the 26-year-old has turned pain, and mortal danger into block boy scripture. He’s earned 42 Billboard Hot 100 chart placements, billions of streams, over 30 platinum and gold RIAA-certified records, and status as one of his generation’s most gifted songwriters. He reinforces his reputation with When I Was Dead, a cathartic new album for Capitol Records. After building momentum with popular freestyles, Kodak consummated his level-up with Project Baby, a 2013 mixtape that crystallized his penchant for immediate, first-person narratives and anthemic hooks that invoked the spirit of his neighborhood. By 2016, he’d become XXL Freshman. The following year, his debut album Painting Pictures debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 album. In 2018, his Travis Scott and Offset-featured single, “ZEZE,” peaked at No. 2. Despite several stints in prison, his winning streak has only continued. At the end of 2021, Kodak’s searing “Super Gremlin” peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. His appearances on Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers only reaffirmed his status as a young legend. On the way to superstardom, he’s also become an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He’s launched two labels—Sniper Gang and the newer Vulture Love—which he hopes will reinforce the reality raps he’s let loose since before he was old enough to drive.

31. Ayra Starr ft. Seyi Vibez – Bad Vibes

Source:Ayra Starr

GRAMMY-nominated global Afrobeats superstar Ayra Starr unleashes her poignant new single “Bad Vibes” feat. Seyi Vibez – out now via Mavin Records. Listen HERE. The song follows her feel-good anthem “Commas,” which exceeded 100 million streams across all platforms in just two month. Both tracks will be featured on Ayra Starr’s much-anticipated new album The Year I Turned 21, which is out on May 31. 

Arriving ahead of the new album, “Bad Vibes” showcases Ayra Starr’s wise and mature nature alongside her signature, self-assured Afrobeats roots. Produced by Mystro, and featuring renowned Nigerian wordsmith Seyi Vibez, “Bad Vibes” hears Ayra Starr contemplating the pressures that come with success, and doubling down on her commitment to protecting her energy from “bad vibes.” Spotlighting Ayra Starr’s contemplative and introspective lyricism, “gave me the world but it’s heavy on my palms,” backdropped to an ethereal, smooth rhythm, Ayra Starr soars across the cosmos, shaking off the “bad vibes” of those coming into her orbit.

The forthcoming album The Year I Turned 21 is Ayra Starr’s coming of age record, showcasing her most personal storytelling, alongside infectious empowering anthems. Themes of growth, love, heartbreak and realising your power permeate the record, powered by a newfound artistic maturity that came from the whirlwind year the Gen Z singer-songwriter has had. 

Following the release of her defining debut album 19 & Dangerous featuring the GRAMMY-nominated global hit “Rush,” Ayra Starr embarked on her first sold-out headline world tour in 2023, which spanned North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. The London show earned praise from The Guardian, which stated: “[The] West African star underlines her superstar potential… despite her age, she has a substantial and varied catalogue, allowing multiple energies and vibes to seamlessly coexist here.”

All the while, the numbers keep climbing with 19 & Dangerous now sitting at a staggering 500 million streams. Ayra Starr’s position as Africa’s hottest star saw her pick up her first GRAMMY nomination, making BBC’s Sound of 2024 list, and being nominated for MOBO Awards’ Best African Music Act for the second time. 

She has collaborated with some of music’s biggest names including Wizkid, Stormzy, David Guetta, Kelly Rowland, Tiwa Savage, Aya Nakamura, Leigh-Anne and recently, marked her first Latin music collaboration – ‘Santa’ with Rvssian and Rauw Alejandro which has made it’s Billboard hot 100 entry.

Next, Ayra Starr is set to make her Glastonbury Festival debut on the Pyramid Stage in June as well as embarking on a tour with Chris Brown.

32. X-Raided & Locksmith – California State


Back with a bold statement, underground rap phenomenon and Sacramento native X-Raided sets his sights on the prison industrial complex with a provocative and powerful new single entitled “California State” with Locksmith out now via Strange Music. Stream “California State” HERE.

The production wraps airy piano around an understated beat. While a steady bassline thumps like a heartbeat, X-Raided and Locksmith hold nothing back as they spit facts in the face of an intrinsically flawed system, “It’s impossible to grow when the soil wasn’t fertilized and every form of media encouraged you to murder guys.” It culminates with a climactic declaration in the tradition of incarceration anthems, “New Folsom Prison Blues, no Johnny Cash.”  The prison industrial complex disproportionately affects minority families and hip-hop culture, so X-Raided has spoken up!

About the song, he said,  “The population is difficult to empathize with so it’s a challenging industry to reform. Lady Justice may wear a blindfold but she peeks.”

It lands in the wake of X-Raided’s “It’s Up” featuring Ras Kass and KXNG Crooked. The track has begun to gain steam at DSPs in addition to earning acclaim. V13 raved,  “‘It’s Up’ will surely be a contender for rap song of the year,” and Rock The Bells promised, “These three West Coast stalwarts deliver heat.” Global Grind also showcased it on “This Week’s New Music Roundup.” Stream “It’s Up” HERE. Watch the music video HERE.

“It’s Up” followed X-Raided’s “No Conversations” featuring Ellis Prescott.  Stream “No Conversations” HERE. From the jump, “No Conversations” garnered looks from  I’m Music Magazine and Global Grind. Prior, the fan favorite “The Sunken Place” racked up over 118K YouTube views on its music video. The song attracted plugs from Music ExistenceUnderground Hip Hop Blog, and Hip Hop Over Everything, among others.

Stay tuned for more from X-Raided. 

Most recently, X-Raided shined on “Knock” from Tech N9ne’s BLISS alongside an a-list cohort, including Conway The Machine and Joyner Lucas. Last year, he made a long-awaited return with his Strange Music debut album, A Prayer In Hell. Taking flight, the single “Stratus Fear” [with Tech N9ne] has gathered over 2 million Spotify streams and 439K YouTube views on the cinematic music video. Meanwhile, he landed major looks from the likes of New York PostHunnypot, and TMZ, among others. The latter professed, “X-Raided wants his experiences to steer past, current and future inmates in a better direction.” Plus, V13 welcomed him as its cover star in an extensive story as well.

Get ready for X-Raided’s next era!

33. Victony ft. Asake – Stubborn


The “Outlaw King”, Victony, has joined forces with Grammy-nominated artist, Asake, to deliver their latest track, ‘Stubborn’. 

This somber yet musing track serves as the first single from Victony’s highly anticipated summer 2024 album, also titled ‘Stubborn’. The song is a seamless culmination of the rich sounds of Afro-fusion that both Victony and Asake are known for. The two go back and forth on the song, trading ballads and showcasing their lyrical excellence. 

In a statement about the collaboration, Victony remarked, “This single is more than just music; it’s an anthem that speaks to resilience and the power of doggedness. Working with Asake on ‘Stubborn’ was an exhilarating experience. Our shared passion for music and refusal to give up, despite challenges, is what truly shines through in this track.”

Best known for his global crossover hit ‘Soweto’ featuring Don Toliver and Rema, ‘Stubborn’ not only showcases Victony’s musical maturity and range as an artist, but also highlights his influential role in shaping this rising generation of African talent and contributing to the global ascent of Nigerian music.

With a recent sold-out show in Uganda and a rapidly growing international fanbase, Victony continues to soar as one of Africa’s brightest musical exports. His impact is evident, as the artist currently ranks as the third most streamed Nigerian artist on Spotify in 2024.

34. Ice Spice – Gimme A Light

Source:Ice Spice

Today, GRAMMY Award-nominated global superstar Ice Spice returns with “Gimmie A Light” — the first official single from her forthcoming debut album Y2K. Set for release via 10K Projects/Capitol Records, the massively anticipated Y2K is due out later this year. Go here to stream/download “Gimmie A Light,” and check out the video here.

Produced by Ice Spice’s longtime collaborator RiotUSA — who also handled production on career-defining hits like her gold-certified breakout single “Munch (Feelin U)” — “Gimmie A Light” centers on a sample from dancehall legend Sean Paul’s 2002 single “Gimme the Light.” With all the effortless star power that made her an icon soon after emerging from New York drill scene, the Bronx Baddie unleashes a two-minute anthem spotlighting her whip-smart bars, rapid-fire delivery, and potent vocal command. Slick and self-possessed, the result is a high-energy track stacked with bouncy beats and irresistible hooks.

For the video to “Gimmie A Light,” Ice Spice once again joined forces with fellow New York City natives George and Frederick Buford, aka The Evil Twins — the fast-rising filmmaking duo behind the visuals for past hits like “Deli” and “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” (her platinum-certified, chart-topping 2023 collaboration with PinkPantheress). Equal parts fantasy and hyperreality, “Gimmie A Light” places Ice Spice in a dizzying sequence of high-glamour scenarios: sipping Patrón El Alto on the dancefloor with a shiny piece of bling bearing her own likeness; posing with fat stacks of cash in her J’adore Dior baby tee; twerking in the back of a hot-pink Range Rover, surrounded by stuffed animals as the smoke-filled SUV speeds through the streets of her hometown.

Last month at Coachella, Ice Spice thrilled the crowd with a sneak-peak performance of “Gimmie A Light.” Her debut at the famed festival instantly drew raves from the likes of UPROXX, who proclaimed that Ice Spice “will almost certainly headline Coachella in the near future if her trajectory continues.”

Due out later this year, Y2K has been hailed as one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2024. With its title nodding to her birthday (January 1, 2000), Ice Spice’s full-length debut will also include her recent smash single “Think U The Shit (Fart).” The album arrives on the heels of her widely acclaimed debut EP Like..? — a 2023 release that landed on best-of-the-year lists from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and more and featured hits like “Munch (Feelin U)” and the platinum-selling “In Ha Mood” and “Princess Diana.”

35. Conway The Machine – Slant Face Killah

Source:Conway The Machine

Since the release of God Don’t Make Mistakes (2022), commercial breakthroughs have become the norm for The Machine; and all the while, he’s still been as prolific and revered as ever.  That balance was never more apparent than in 2023, as it was Conway’s most commercial and critically successful year to date.  In May of 2023, Conway released Wont He Do It (his second consecutive solo album to top the DSP charts) and with it launched a worldwide tour, he then spun the block with Conway The Machine Presents: Drumwork The LabelSpeshal Machinery (with 38 Spesh), Palmero (with Wun Two), Conductor Machine (with Conductor Williams), and most recently Hall & Nash 2 with Westside Gunn & The Alchemist (which also topped the DSP Charts); and contributed standout appearances on Westside Gunn’s And Then You Pray For Me (#1 on DSP’s), Benny The Butcher’s Everybody Can’t Go (#1 on DSP’s), and BadBadNotGood’s “Mint Chocolate,” all in the span of one calendar year.  Conway was also highlighted on Jay-Z’s Favorite Songs Of 2023 Playlist (“Dangerous Daringer” featuring Sauce Walka), and was recently nominated by XXL as a ‘Lyricist Of The Year’ Nominee. 

The Machine is known for the quality and quantity of his output, and after a yearlong sabbatical in between solo projects, Conway is finally back with Slant Face Killah; which is now available!

Slant Face Killah features guest appearances and production from Raekwon, Swizz Beatz, Joey Bada$$, Method Man, Ab-Soul, Larry June, Stove God Cooks, Key Glock, Tech N9ne, Jay Worthy, The Alchemist, Conductor Williams, Daringer, Cool & Dre, Camouflage Monk, Cardo & Don Cannon. 

Conway The Machine’s Slant Face Killah is now available via Drumwork/EMPIRE.

You can now Purchase, Stream, Add & Favorite Slant Face Killah at your preferred DSP:

36. Shenseea – Neva Neva


GRAMMY Award-nominated international Jamaican pop star, Shenseea, released the music video for her latest hit single “Neva Neva” introducing fans to a new creative era for Shenseea. This music video encapsulates a modern take of Bonnie and Clyde, with vibrant shots of Shenseea and her partner in crime. With captivating visuals and an infectious track, the video takes viewers on an adventure as the duo navigates a thrilling romance, promising viewers an unforgettable journey into a world where danger meets desire. 

The “Neva Neva” single, released April 26th, demonstrates Shenseea’s artistic growth through musical genres while staying true to her authentic style with captivating rhythms and dynamic vocals. This reggae-tinged summer single will appear on Shenseea’s highly anticipated sophomore albumNever Gets Late Here set to release later this month, on May 24th (out on Rich Immigrants/Interscope Records).

Shenseea has been riding a wave of immense success this year. In her most recent sit-down interview with Billboard, Shenseea unpacks the pivotal moments in her career, from her Grammy nomination to her cover of the iconic “No Woman No Cry” on the soundtrack of the 2024 “Bob Marley: One Love” film, a sentiment to her being the face of Jamaican pop music. 

37. dj gummy bear (Montell Fish) – All Night Long

Source:dj gummy bear - Topic

Today, Montell Fish unveils his new single “All Night Long,” via Virgin and under his moniker dj gummy bear. Listen HERE.

Set against a pulsating beat and showcasing Fish’s talented vocal range, “All Night Long” is a beautiful song about yearning for a night of “all night loving.” The ease in which Fish moves from his soprano to lower register is impressive, as is the way in which his voice and the rhythmic drums end up melding with one another to create an almost hypnotic refrain.

“All Night Long” follows the release of dj gummy bear’s EP Intercession Before Charlotte which dropped on March 15th. Intercession Before Charlotte comprised six tracks which showcased Montell’s versatility as a producer, writer, and singer. The entirety of Intercession Before Charlotte was produced, written, and performed by Montell.

dj gummy bear embodies the tension of those themes, serving as a physical representation of Montell’s last call before the deeper explored sound in his upcoming album, hence the name “GUMMY’S INTERCESSION BEFORE CHARLOTTE.” Fans can learn more about DJ Gummy Bear’s lore here.

Starting May 23rd, Montell will kick off the second leg of his Intercession Before Charlotte tour in Hawaii before making his way to New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. Official routing below and tickets available for purchase HERE:

38. King Cruff, Banx & Ranx – Proppa Ghanda

Source:King Cruff

Today, breakout Canadian-Jamaican artist King Cruff releases his new single “PROPPA GHANDA” featuring multi-platinum producer songwriter duo Banx & Ranx via Tuff Gong Collective/Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company. Pairing the energy and hit-making hooks of Banx & Ranx’s signature ECM (Electronic Caribbean Music) sound with King Cruff’s think-piece style lyrics, “PROPPA GHANDA” is the sonic union of the summer.

“Banx & Ranx and I have this mutual love and connection to Caribbean music, and that became the basis of what we wanted this collaboration to be – an homage to that sound that we love so much,” says King Cruff. “Lyrically, I was recounting the feelings I had felt during the pandemic and in its aftermath. There was so much uncertainty and it always felt like you were waiting to hear what else is coming around the corner. Meanwhile, all of these platforms were saying different things and telling you what you should and shouldn’t trust or believe in. The essence of the song is just to question everything.”

“We created this song during our very first session with King Cruff and it was the start of a strong friendship,” say Banx & Ranx. “We were immediately inspired by Cruff’s songwriting style of taking Jamaican music into a new universe so for ‘PROPPA GHANDA’, we blended some funk rhythms, disco grooves, electronic elements, and of course, heavy basslines, for a smooth, infectious melody alongside Cruff’s deep lyrics.”

As his name suggests, King Cruff is drawn to the theme of duality. Cruff plays with these layers in his music, juxtaposing vibrant rhythms and tempos with lyrics that have narrative depth, woven within his intricate bars and smooth cadence.

“PROPPA GHANDA” is the second of King Cruff’s songs that Banx & Ranx have produced, following the dancehall/reggae track “FALLBACK”, his collaboration with fellow Jamaican artist Runkus which was released earlier this year and named one of Billboard’s Reggae/Dancehall Fresh Picks of the Month.

“PROPPA GHANDA” is already the fourth single to be released by King Cruff this year via Universal Music Canada/Tuff Gong Collective, following “TORONTO CONDO GIRLS”, “LINGO” (both of which feature Nigerian-Canadian artist Solo YT), and“FALLBACK” featuring Jamaican reggae artist Runkus. In 2023, King Cruff dropped his first collaborative single “SHEDOENEED”, an ode to independent women featuring award-winning Ghanaian artist Stonebwoy and Bahamian MC Jag.Huligin, as the follow-up to his Top 40 radio hit “Soufflé” and his 2022 major label debut “Samurai Chop”, which earned him the title of Pandora’s Artist to Watch: Caribbean.

39. Prada Mama – I Like

Source:Prada Mama

Music sensation Prada Mama has once again hit the airwaves with her latest single, I Like,” now available on all streaming platforms. Download / Stream here.

This new track promises to be an anthem of self-expression and enjoyment of life’s luxuries, making it the perfect addition to your summer playlist.

Inspired by the allure of the finer things and the freedom of living life on one’s terms, “I Like” showcases a new sound for Prada Mama. Crafted alongside long-time collaborator Josh Nunez, known for his work on hits like Trauma and Throw Me Da Bag, the duo continues to elevate their musical chemistry with this latest endeavor.

Accompanying the single, Prada Mama delivers the visual directed by Pinky McCoy. The video serves as a visual feast and a deeper insight into the world of Prada Mama, reflecting the song’s essence of living a life draped in luxury and confidence.

‘I Like’ is more than just a song; it’s an anthem for those who aspire to enjoy the finer things in life on their terms. With its captivating beats, infectious lyrics, and Prada Mama’s signature sound, this single is poised to become a summer staple, resonating with the hearts of all who hear it.

Get ready to live your best life with Prada Mama’s latest banger as your soundtrack.

40. Your Old Droog ft. Denzel Curry & Method Man – DBZ

Source:Your Old Droog

41. skaiwater – bleach


Today, rising artist/producer, skaiwater unveils their latest track, “bleach” – an infectious blend of energetic rap verses and velvety smooth vocals. Produced by skaiwater, the song serves as a vivid narrative of personal growth, “mama, know I’m new to this paper,” reflecting on hard earned victories. From humble beginnings to the glitz of fame, “bleach” encapsulates a range of emotions, characterized by lines such as “yessir I made it” and “we just left apartment in a green Mercedes.” However, amidst the celebration, the song also delves into the complexities of relationships and the poignant pain of past experiences, “pouring bleach in both of my eyes”. skai’s resilience and vulnerability shine with an unparalleled rawness in this latest offering. Listen to “bleach” via Good Talks/Capitol Music Group HERE.

“bleach” follows closely on the heels of skai’s track “light!,” a collaboration with multi-platinum award-winning artist Lil Nas X, marking Nas’ first solo feature collaboration with another artist. Produced by 9lives, the track explores the theme of young love, shedding ‘light’ on hidden toxicity. Between skaiwater’s fresh, unique storytelling and Lil Nas X’s magnetic presence, the duo is unmatched as they effortlessly fuse distinct, vibrant, and innovative styles. Since its release “light!” has garnered praise from Rolling Stone, Complex, BET, Essence, Them, and more, amassing nearly half a million views. skaiwater and Lil Nas X’s collaboration stretches back to early days of social media. Their friendship blossomed, eventually leading to fruitful musical collaborations. Notably, skai’s involvement in Lil Nas X’s “Holiday” marked a significant milestone in their partnership which later led to skai joining Nas’ UK and European “Long Live Montero” tour.

In 2022, skaiwater experienced a breakout year with the release of their 11-track project, rave. This project included standout tracks like “boys don’t cry” and “miles,” featuring Lil Uzi Vert. rave resonated strongly with audiences, garnering millions of streams and making its mark on various music charts, including those on TikTok and Spotify. In the past year, skaiwater shared several tracks, including “emo hotel,” “good things,” and “good things 2” featuring Tana. These releases received support from Our Generation and RIFF Magazine, both of which praised their music for its “hypnotic beats,” attention-grabbing qualities, and “slick lyrics.” 2024 has already been career changing, with the arrival of “bleach” and “light!”. Skai remains active, collaborating with Skepta in the studio and appearing as a special guest on the Los Angeles date of PinkPantheress’ North American tour, signaling that this is just the beginning.

42. Andra Day – Cassandra (cherith)

Source:Andra Day

Today, multi-platinum powerhouse vocalist, Grammy® winner, Golden Globe Winner, and Academy Award nominee Andra Day releases her highly anticipated new album CASSANDRA (cherith). Listen HERE via Warner Records. Penned and produced by Andra herself, the album resonates with profoundly emotional lyrics, unwavering honesty, spiritual nourishment, and the artist’s distinctive vocal prowess. CASSANDRA (cherith) stands as a modern R&B masterpiece.

Andra Day shares: “CASSANDRA (cherith) is a journey through my soul, a tapestry woven with threads of heartbreak and empowerment. It’s an intimate reflection of my personal experiences and growth, presented through the language of music.” [Quote TBA by Andra]

She captivated audiences with two unforgettable vocal performances on NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show (watch HERE) and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! (watch HERE). 

From the infectious anthem “Probably,” a Top 20 hit at radio rapidly ascending the charts, to the atmospheric groove of “Nervous,” CASSANDRA (cherith)—named after Andra’s birth name and a biblical allusion meaning ‘to cut away’—embodies her most intimate work to date, showcasing Day’s remarkable versatility. This eclectic collection features luminous moments of R&B brilliance, such as the soul-stirring ballad “Bottom of the Bottle” and “Still,” a poignant testament to her resilience and emotional depth. The album’s sonic diversity is encapsulated in the latest single, “Chasing,” a tender contemplation on ambition and longing.

Other standout tracks include the jazz-infused, Latin-inspired “Narcos,” the soulful lament “In the Meantime,” the impassioned anthem “Where Do We Go From Here,” and the spirited, empowering “Champagne Flutes.”

CASSANDRA (cherith) marks Andra Day’s first original music since the soundtrack of The United States vs. Billie Holiday in 2021, a testament to her unwavering creative spirit. Amidst crafting new music with her band, Day has also ventured into acting, with two forthcoming films slated for release later this year. Earlier in the year, Andra brought much-needed levity to The Golden Globes, delivered a stirring rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” at Super Bowl LVIII, and offered a heavenly tribute at the NAACP Awards.

This summer, Andra Day will headline the prestigious Blue Note Jazz Festival in New York. Tickets are available for purchase HERE.

On Monday, she put the full breadth of her artistry on display for a sold-out “One Night Only” show that celebrity guests Glenn Close and xxx attended. With the release of CASSANDRA (cherith), Andra Day embarks on an exhilarating new chapter, leaving an indelible mark on R&B, note by soaring note.

43. Jae Stephens – WET

Source:jae stephens

Jae Stephens exists out of time, collapsing the past and future of R&B into a sound all her own. The gifted singer, songwriter, and producer returns today with a brand new video for her latest single, “WET,” out now via Raedio/Def Jam Recordings.

Recognized by Elle as one of the Best Songs of April 2024 and included in Billboard’s Fresh Picks playlist, “WET” is an uptempo, house-influenced, and brashly confident banger that finds Stephens seizing control of all aspects of her life–her art, her finances and, most crucially, her desires. Directed by Randijah Simmons, the tightly-choreographed video meshes perfectly with the song’s futuristic sound, as the singer gets her Rose Royce on at the car wash, dancing with her friends and the attendants as her muscle car gets a brand new shine. In the video, Stephens wears t-shirts emblazoned with some of the song’s most memorable lyrics: “Sip Sip Aficionado,” “Wet t-shirt contest, I win,” and more.

“WET” is the start of a new era for Jae Stephens, who has been bubbling on the scene and is ready to blow. The Dallas native first turned heads as a teenaged R&B prodigy, gaining notice with her soul-stirring vocals and preternatural songwriting ability. While she was a high school student, Stephens built a devoted audience on Tumblr, winning 200,000 followers with her sterling covers of pop and R&B songs and her entertaining life updates. She stepped out on her own as a 19-year-old, in 2017, releasing “24K,” a single that earned praise from The FADER and garnered Jae a performance on COLORS. In 2019, Jae released f**k it, i’ll do it myself, a fully self-written and self-produced EP, home to her fan favorite single “got it like that,” and joined her friend Khalid during his performance on Saturday Night Live. She has collaborated with kindred spirits like THEY, VanJess, Khamari, and Xavier Omar, and has racked up more than 50 million streams across her catalog. Her most recent EP, High My Name Is, came out in 2022, shifting her sound in a more alternative and personal direction. 

Now signed to Raedio, the “audio everywhere” company, in partnership with Def Jam Recordings, Jae Stephens is primed to deliver on her limitless potential. Stay tuned for much more from the young singer-songwriter in the near future.

44. Kenny Muney – Take A Shot

Source:Kenny Muney

A master of effortless flexes and braggadocious bars, Kenny Muney has worked his way to the top of the Memphis rap game. Celebrating his recent success in style, he shares the video for “Take A Shot,” a highlight track from recent project The Blue $easons. On the track, Kenny casually spits unforgiving bars over simple yet haunting production: “My diamonds ain’t hide, you don’t see his / We ain’t want to take the boy chain, let him keep his (yeah) / Ayy, I ain’t get nothing for free / But I go anywhere and I pop shit at free will.” In the video, Kenny takes a much-deserved break from recording in the studio, getting lit in a convenience store, on a speedboat, and in the club while taking shots (both literally and figuratively) at his haters.

Whether it’s hot or cold, raining, or snowing, Kenny Muney counts his stacks all year long. Traveling from winter to summer and back again with his new album, the Paper Route Empire artist recently shared his album The Blue $easons. The new project finds Kenny Muney showing all sides of himself: He rhymes with his signature smirk on hustle hard anthems like “Breezy” and “Paper Route,” his new collaboration with close friend Key Glock, but takes time to show his more sensitive side on songs like the romantic “Hate It There” and the reflective “Ion Feel That $hit.” The South Memphis native delivers the mission statement for the project on the Bandplay-produced opener “My $eason“: “I might just change my climate, change my mood, I’m tryna capture somethin’.” Featuring additional appearances from CEO Jizzle and BEO Lil Kenny, The Blue Seasons streams everywhere via Paper Route Empire.

The Blue $easons is the latest step in Kenny Muney’s mission to take over the game and live up to the legacy of his late mentor Young Dolph. Last year, Kenny shared Blue Muney (Deluxe), home to fiery singles like the guitar-driven “Top,” the soulful intro “Muney Prayer,” and the Hitkidd-produced “In A Rush,” and guest appearances from Key Glock, Money Man, and more.

Kenny Muney shows that he has the talent and determination to succeed in the Empire-building business. Stay tuned for more from Kenny Muney and Paper Route Empire this summer.

45. NLE Choppa – Stickin And Movin


Keeping the heat turned up on “Slut Szn,” Memphis rap sensation NLE Choppa ignites the scene with his latest single, “Stickin and Movin,” out now via NLE Entertainment/Warner Records. Immerse yourself in the track HERE and experience the visually striking and sexually charged video featuring the NLE Choppa x FCTRY LAb Duck Boot HERE.

Crafted by CuBeatz and ISM, the song rides on a wave of soulful vocal samples, interwoven with breezy beats and sun-kissed keys. Choppa effortlessly navigates the production with his trademark smooth delivery and undeniable urgency. Amidst steamy verses, he effortlessly drops an infectious chorus, asserting his prowess with the repeated mantra, “I’m stickin and movin,” showcasing the finesse of a fighter and the swagger of a true player.

“Stickin and Movin” arrives hot on the heels of the viral sensation, “Slut Me Out 2,” which has already amassed over 9 million global streams and 3 million YouTube views for its music video. Acting as the tantalizing sequel to his explosive 2022 RIAA 2x Platinum-certified hit, “Slut Me Out,” Choppa continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with his infectious energy and bold lyricism.

Beyond the studio, NLE Choppa has been making waves with his collaboration with Omar Bailey’s FCTRY LAb, unveiling the limited edition Neon Yellow Duck Boot. Available exclusively on Complex Shop and FCTRY LAb, this exclusive footwear drop is a testament to Choppa’s influence and style, blending fashion with his signature flair. The NLE Choppa x FCTRY LAb Duck Boot will be available to shop first, exclusively on Complex Shop, on Thursday, May 9th at 9am PT /12pm ET. Then, on Friday, May 10th will be available at FCTRY LAb ( at 9a PT /12pm ET. The NLE Choppa x FCTRY LAb Duck Boot is priced at $250. 

In addition, Choppa is currently electrifying audiences nationwide on his “SLUT SZN” college tour, delivering unforgettable performances at universities across the country, culminating with a headline show at the University of Chicago on May 11. Following this, he will join forces with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie for the highly anticipated Better Off Alone tour, commencing on June 14 in Michigan and concluding with a monumental performance at New York’s Madison Square Garden on June 24. Known for his electrifying stage presence and unparalleled fan engagement, each stop on the tour promises an explosive showcase of Choppa’s chart-topping hits and special surprises for fans.

46. Key Glock – The Greatest

Source:Key Glock

Key Glock is kicking off his May takeover as he prepares to drop new music every week for the rest of the month!! Starting today, he’ll be dropping 5 singles, during the 5th month of the year, reminding everyone and the rap game that it’s always #PRE5L. On the heels of the success of his viral, #59 Billboard Hot 100 charting hit “Let’s Go,” as well as the epic remix with his late cousin and mentor Young Dolph, Glock feels like “The Greatest” on his new single out now. 


He kicks off the song proclaiming his superior status as South Memphis’ finest: “They call me Glock and the ‘G’ stands for ‘greatest.’” Glock reunites with his close collaborator Bandplay, who serves up a simmering trap slapper complete with ringing piano keys and acoustic guitars, while flexing like only he can: “Heart cold as a polar bear (burr)/And name hotter than a f*cking desert/I spent $20,000 on some fur/Then spent $30,000 on some leather.” 

Stay tuned for the video as well as 4 more singles coming from Glock this month!

47. Orville Peck – Stampede: Vol. 1

Source:Orville Peck

Today, boundary-breaking country artist Orville Peck releases the highly anticipated Stampede Vol. 1 — a duets album boasting collaborations with Willie Nelson, Elton John, Noah Cyrus, Midland, Allison Russell, Nathaniel Rateliff, and Bu Cuaron. Listen HERE via Warner Records.

Stampede Vol. 1 kicks off with Peck’s cover of queer classic “Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond Of Each Other” alongside country great Willie Nelson, who released his own celebrated version in 2006. It’s a formidable co-sign and proof that country music spans generations and demographics. Another notable collaboration, Peck teamed up with Elton John for a roaring rendition of the critically acclaimed song “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting).”

The masked crooner also joins forces with artists from his own era including Noah Cyrus, who lends her powerful pipes to the heartbreaking “How Far Will We Take It?” “I tried to love you, just couldn’t break through,” they harmonize on the chorus. “No getting used to living without you.”

Other linkups on Stampede Vol. 1 include “The Hurtin’ Kind” with country group Midland, the Alison Russell-assisted “Chemical Sunset,” “Conquer That Heart” alongside Nathaniel Rateliff, and “Miénteme” with Bu Cuaron. Those songs are destined to be highlights of Peck’s live show when he hits the road for his Stampede tour, which kicks off on May 28 in Asheville, NC. See all dates below and click HERE for tickets.

Before that, on May 11, Peck will be honored at the 35th GLAAD Media Awards in New York City with the Vito Russo Award, which is presented to a LGBTQ media professional who has made a significant difference in accelerating LGBTQ acceptance. It’s fitting recognition for an artist who has carved out an impressive niche in country music on his own terms. With Stampede Vol. 1, Peck is now ready to take his place at the forefront of the genre. 

48. MAX – Pinkberry


Multiplatinum singer-songwriter MAX sets the stage for a sizzling summer with the release of his infectious new single, “PINKBERRY,” out now on Warner Records. Produced by the Grammy-nominated Imad Royal (Doja Cat, The Chainsmokers), the track is a vibrant dance-pop confection that perfectly captures the irresistible allure of a sweet summer crush. Accompanying the track is a music video, directed by MAX’s longtime collaborator, Miles Murphy (Snakehips, Vance Joy, AJR). Shot amidst the vibrant streets of Manila, Philippines, the video captures MAX exuding confidence and charisma as he navigates the cityscape with his signature flair. Listen to the track, and watch the video HERE.

“This was such a fun song to create,” says MAX, “And usually the ones the most fun to create for me end up being my favorites. It was also really special to film the music video entirely in the Philippines our last trip there to continue our series of different music videos in different countries.”

MAX is now gearing up to grace the stage at Grammy Museum LA’s iconic Clive Davis Theater on May 13th engaging in an intimate conversation moderated by Rolling Stone’s Tomàs Mier, followed by a special performance. For tickets and more information, visit HERE.

“PINKBERRY” follows the recent release of the groovy dance-inspired music video for “Say Less” feat. DUCKWRTH, from MAX’s third studio album, LOVE IN STEREO, released earlier this year via Warner Records. MAX has achieved viral success with his hit, Stupid In Love with Huh Yunjin of Le Sserafim. Praised by Billboard as a “fresh cut” that is “bursting with pop vitality,” the track has amassed over 30+ million streams and ignited a dance craze across Instagram Reels, Snapchat, and TikTok. MAX delivered an electrifying performance of the track on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and on The Kelly Clarkson Show, alongside Huh Yunjin.

Upon its release, LOVE IN STEREO quickly ascended to #5 on Spotify in the US and surged to the Top 5 on YouTube’s trending charts. Inspired by his marriage, the album intricately explores the nuances of love, boasting standout collaborations such as Strings” ft. Bazzi & JVKE, “Its You” ft. Keshi, and the RIAA Platinum certified track “Butterflies” ft. Ali Gatie.

The “Young Pop God” (GQ) has solidified himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, with over 3 billion streams globally. He’s achieved RIAA Platinum certifications for multiple tracks, including “Love Me Less” ft. Quinn XCII (over 350 million streams globally) and the triple-platinum hit in the U.S., “Lights Down Low” ft. gnash. His impressive list of collaborators includes heavyweights like Lil Uzi Vert, Hayley Kioko, Hoodie Allen, Noah Cyrus, and bbno$. Noteworthy among his collaborations is the smash-hit “Blueberry Eyes” with SUGA of BTS, amassing a staggering 400 million streams to date. Beyond performing, MAX has lent his songwriting talents to major artists like BTS (“Yet to Come,” “The Most Beautiful Moment”), TOMORROW x TOGETHER (“Happily Ever After”), and Jackson Wang (“Cheetah”). Publications like Variety, Forbes, PAPER Magazine, and Billboard have showered him with praise, with the latter recognizing him as “one of the most versatile artists in pop music.”

49. Ricky Montgomery – Rick(y)

Source:Ricky Montgomery

Breakout alt-pop artist Ricky Montgomery proudly presents Rick(y), the deluxe edition of his acclaimed major label debut album, Rick. The two-disc record features nine additional tracks, including new songs “Here Comes The Moon,” “Penny Come Home,” and “Same Shit (Interlude),” plus previously released standalone singles “Talk To You,” “Sorry For Me,” “Settle Down,” “It’s Ok To Cry,” “Reptilia,” and “Unknown Phantom.” Listen to Rick(y) HERE.

About the new edition, Ricky shared, “Just before delivering my deluxe album, I made the decision to put 3 “old” songs onto the tracklist. Why? Truthfully, I had always wanted ‘Talk To You,’ ‘Sorry For Me,’ and ‘Settle Down’ to end up on Rick. Obviously, I ended up releasing them much earlier (and I’m still happy I did!). Despite that, releasing Rick without these songs felt strange. They are in every way connected to narratives present on that album, and yet they weren’t literally on the tracklist. ‘Black Fins’ and the interludes feel narratively incomplete without ‘Talk To You’ and ‘Sorry For Me.’ And there’s a nostalgic playfulness on ‘Settle Down’ that I wasn’t able to capture with a song like ‘Boy Toy’ in quite the same way. In fact, this is a big reason why we’ve called the deluxe “Rick(y)” to begin with: it’s not just a deluxe, but a true conclusion to the musician Ricky Montgomery’s 2nd chapter. And now ‘Unknown Phantom’ – the final track on Rick(y) – serves as its epilogue and a preview of what’s to come next.”

Ricky also just announced the second leg of his North American headline tour, “The Rick Tour: One Rick to Rule Them All,” making 30+ stops across the US this fall alongside special guests Nep and Ray Bull. In the meantime, he’ll perform at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on May 15th before descending upon Singapore and Australia for more sold-out shows later this month. The shows follow his biggest North America headline tour yet—“The Rick Tour: Another Rick in the Wall” – plus a completely sold-out leg throughout the UK/Europe. Check out the full upcoming itinerary below, and purchase tickets at

With 2 billion streams and 8.3 billion TikTok views, Ricky continues to foster his devoted young fanbase that hangs onto every word of his sunny, soul-searching alt-pop about life in all its messy and mundane glory. The recent release of his major label debut album Rick incited unanimous praise from fans and critics alike, with WONDERLAND promising, “this album is set to be a defining chapter in the career of Montgomery, fully coming into his own as an artist with depth, character and presence.” Billboard raved, “The listener can’t help but pay attention to Montgomery” and FAULT Magazine professed, “The album is a soul-searching journey through life’s trials and triumphs, woven together by Montgomery’s eloquent songwriting skills, sometimes whimsical narratives and always emotive storytelling.” Thanks in part to his 1.7M TikTok followers, the album was fueled by a buzzing anime trend that’s historically become a unique and powerful driving force for his catalog. Check out Ricky’s perspective on the hot topic of TikTok in these features by Polygon and Vox.

50. DJ Marsh & Leo Wood – Heartbreak


oday, rising UK progressive house artist, producer, and DJ Marsh unveils an anthemic new single entitled “Heartbreak” with Leo Wood, out now via Warner Records’ flagship dance label Major Recordings. 

Listen HERE.

There’s a huge anticipation around this track after Marsh road-tested it out at his shows in the last year, including at ‘Brighton on the Beach’, ‘Space, Miami’, ‘Fabric, London’ and ‘Anjunadeep Open Air, Finsbury Park’. It has quickly become a fan favorite!

Exuberant piano chords set the track in motion, and a thumping bassline pulsates like a beating heart. Energy surges through the production, while Leo Wood’s vocals simmer and scorch. The track climaxes with a club-ready drop tailor-made to move bodies worldwide. Rather than let tears fall on the dancefloor, Leo’s hook confidently celebrates, “Only for you does my heart break.” 

Stay tuned for the premiere of an emotional lyric video to accompany the song soon.

About the track, Marsh commented, “I wrote some of my earliest music in the attic of my parents’ home. Last summer, I was home for a month of European shows, and I sat down once again at my old desk and began writing ‘Heartbreak’ with Leo Wood. She’s such a talented songwriter, but then she’s got such an incredible presence and confidence on stage. She’s truly one-of-a-kind. I was playing the Anjunadeep Open Air show at Finsbury Park, London and Leo was performing with me. We decided to add ‘Heartbreak’ to the setlist last minute. Leo basically had to rehearse it in her trailer at the show and then just went for it—and nailed it! What a special moment to hear Leo singing it in real time. From then on, ‘Heartbreak’ has been a joy to play in every show since. I honestly think it’s one of my favorite tracks that I’ve written in a while!”

Wood added, “’Heartbreak’ is one of those truly exciting songs where you think, ‘Oh yes! Something epic is happening here.’ The track he sent back was far beyond my own imagining and absolutely nailed a nostalgic 90s-inspired anthem with a statement chord progression that can only be described as pure classic. Marsh brought his signature drama to mine, and we love it!” 

It lands in the wake of Marsh’s “Warrior.” Beyond amassing hundreds of thousands of streams, it incited critical applause. EDMTunes promised, “The track takes listeners on a sublime journey.” EDM Sessions hailed it as “a poignant tribute to his best friend’s valiant fight against leukemia.” STEREOFOX proclaimed, “Marsh has become known for his distinctly warm, emotive sound inspired by early 2000s trance and light drum and bass. These influences are distilled into the essence of melodic house, and for Marsh, this has led to becoming a fan favorite.” 

Marsh will continue to captivate fans on the road worldwide throughout the rest of the year. Beyond headlining dates, he will appear at festivals such as Electric Forest, EDC Vegas, Outside Lands, and many more. 

Check out the full confirmed itinerary below and stay tuned for more news and announcements from Marsh coming soon, including his new show concept: “Marsh presents: ARIA” where Leo Wood will be joining him this weekend in London and Manchester. ARIA will include live performances from both Leo Wood and ALLKNIGHT. 

51. Michael Marcagi ft. Joy Oladokun – Scared To Start

Source:Michael Marcagi

Today, singer, songwriter, and storyteller Michael Marcagi releases a new version of his breakthrough hit “Scared to Start” featuring Joy Oladokun. Listen HERE via Warner Records. Oladokun contributes her trademark aching delivery which adds another emotional layer to the soaring anthem, which has just surpassed 275 million streams across platforms. It has also reached #5 on the Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs  chart, #35 on the Billboard Global 200 chart, and #54 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart to date. 

“She fell asleep listenin’ to my friends, talkin’ on and on about how the world ends,” Marcagi sings. “Then she wakes up and climbs in my front seat.” In the new version, Oladokun takes over the second verse, underscoring the song’s raw lyrical imagery. “Let’s lay in the dead grass, stare at the stars,” she sings. “Run away and live out of cars and bars.” 

The update of “Scared to Start” arrives just months after Marcagi’s debut EP American Romance was released. Since then, he’s been touring heavily in Europe and the U.K. On May 13, he kicks off the completely sold out North American leg of the tour in Denver, CO. 

As an independent artist, Marcagi rapidly generated a significant buzz based purely on the strength of his songs, and his authentic, warm and honest voice. A global fan base responded to his relatable stories  that won him a record contract with Warner Records. “Scared To Start” presents Marcagi as one of the year’s most important breakout artists. 

52. Rett Madison – Kiki (Rett’s Take)

Source:Rett Madison

Opening up fearlessly once again, Los Angeles-based vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rett Madison unveils “Kiki (Rett’s Take)” today. Listen HERE and watch the lyric video HERE.

“Kiki” originally graced Rett’s acclaimed 2023 sophomore album and Warner Records debut, One for Jackie, as a collaboration with Iron & Wine. However, she opted to strip the song back to its bare essence with nothing more than acoustic guitar and a plaintive, pensive, and powerful solo vocal performance. Her vulnerable delivery instantly strikes a chord as she assures, “Kiki, don’t you listen to their lies. It was a gift being the mother in your life.” As a tribute to her late mom Jackie, the Mother’s Day release of the track proves significant for the songstress.

About “Kiki (Rett’s Take),” she said, “When I was growing up, my mom nicknamed me “Kiki”. After she passed away unexpectedly, I didn’t have closure. I wrote “Kiki” from my mom’s perspective and imagined what she’d want to tell me if she could speak with me now.”

It lands on the heels of the recent fan favorite “Apocalyptic Folk Song.” Upon arrival, Rolling Stone touted the latter among “Songs You Need To Know.” 

Next up, Rett will appear on CBS Saturday Morning/Saturday Sessions on June 1 for an interview and multi-song performance. Later in the month, she’ll be supporting Trousdale in Chicago at Lincoln Hall, before her performances at Americana Music Fest and Austin City Limits this fall.

Madison has continued to incite tastemaker applause. A Book Of featured her on its digital cover and attested, “Rett Madison, artist on the rise and a deeply emotive singer-songwriter known for her poignant lyrics and captivating blend of folk, rock, Americana and soul is making waves in the contemporary music scene with her heartfelt storytelling and powerful vocal performances.”

Keeping busy this year, she just performed a string of shows alongside John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats and Bailen, in addition to a headline tour throughout the Midwest. In February, she notably graced the stage of Carnegie Hall at The Piano Recital with Mandy Moore, Margo Price, Meg Duffy, and others.

In 2023, she delivered One for Jackie, featuring lead singles “One for Jackie, One for Crystal,” “Skydiving” and “Fortune Teller.” Watch Madison’s performance of standout “Flea Market” on Late Night with Seth Meyers HERE. She was also spotlighted in a Mixtape Moments segment on CBS This Morning. Stay tuned for more music soon.

53. Gus Dapperton – Believe

Source:Gus Dapperton

Today, burgeoning alt-pop artist Gus Dapperton releases a brooding cover of Cher’s 1998 mega-hit “Believe.” Listen HERE via Warner Records. The reimagined classic is the lead single from Dapperton’s forthcoming EP, Tunes For Late Spring, which arrives on June 7. Pre-order the ambitious and wildly eclectic project HERE

From the outset, Gus approaches “Believe” in a new and provocative way, dispensing with its epic, club-ready mechanics for a brooding, understated exploration of heartbreak and doubt. “No matter how hard I try, you keep pushing me aside,” he croons over melodic guitar. “And I can’t break through, there’s no talking to you.” By the time Dapperton reaches the iconic chorus, Cher’s smash has been successfully transformed into a bittersweet, breakup song.  

The release follows “What You Won’t Do For Love,” a winning update of Bobby Caldwell’s 1978 hit. It was preceded by Dapperton’s sugary-sweet “Lil Tune” featuring Electric Guest, as well as the introspective “Fallout” alongside Lil Yachty and Joey Bada$$. Prior to that, he released “Homebody,” “Sunset,” and Don’t Let Me Down” with BENEE.

Before signing with Warner Records, Gus Dapperton had already established himself as a skilled virtuoso with 2020’s Orca, which showcased his intimate brand of songwriting and spawned the singles “First Aid,” “Post Humorous,” and “Bluebird.” 

Now, with his dramatic makeover of “Believe,” Dapperton showcases his incredible versatility and growing artistry. The cover will undoubtedly be a highlight when his tour kicks off in Vancouver on July 17 before traversing North America. See all tour dates below.

54. Marcellus TheSinger ft. Boosie BadAzz – Do Me

Source:Marcellus TheSinger
Southern-soul artist Marcellus TheSinger releases a new single, “Do Me,” featuring the iconic Boosie BadAzz, which is now available on all streaming platforms. Download & Stream here.

Released via Marcellus Music Co, Do Me offers an immersive auditory experience that blends Marcellus TheSinger’s soulful vocals with Boosie BadAzz’s raw, gripping flow. The collaboration is a perfect harmony of rhythm and lyrical depth, set to captivate audiences worldwide. This track not only showcases the individual strengths of each artist but also marks a significant moment in music, bridging genres and generations together. Marcellus TheSinger’s partnership with Boosie BadAzz on this project underscores the vibrant creativity and bold storytelling that both artists bring to the table.

With the release of ‘Do Me,’ Marcellus TheSinger is poised to redefine expectations and offer listeners a fresh, compelling perspective on contemporary music. This latest addition to his discography not only enriches his body of work but also solidifies his standing as a transformative artist in the ever-evolving music landscape. ‘Do Me’ is a testament to his growth and potential, and it’s a track that is sure to resonate with fans and new listeners alike.