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Mother giving daughter a haircut

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Who remembers the cute little Black girls on the perm boxes? The relaxer box girlies are revealing themselves present day, and they are absolutely beautiful. Ironically enough, the girls are not relaxed anymore. Check out where the perm box girls are up to these days.

Every little Black girl dreamed of modeling, so that they may one day appear on the infamous “Just For Me” relaxer box. It was a rite of passage for many Black households. Many Black women remember going to the beauty supply store with their parents to purchase that good, creamy crack. Most women also recall that the marketing for those boxes were so inviting, but never yielded the same results. Yes, your hair would be straight but those styles took serious craftsmanship, which most of our parents could not achieve at home. With the help of Just For Me and some good Spritz, those curls held up!

As time went on, the Black community realized that the creamy, crack was just that – crack. The addictive chemicals found in traditional relaxers were stripping away the beauty of our natural coils. So, most of these beautiful little girls grew up to let that relaxer go. The girls have curls for days.

One Twitter posted a photo of the different relaxer boxes saying, “I remember wanting to be the face of a hair relaxer so bad.”

From there, another user quote tweeted saying, “Where are these girls today? Show yourselves.”

Many of the girls started sharing their throwback photo from the box to how they look today. The girls are more beautiful than ever!

Check out where the girls from the infamous perm boxes are today below:

1. We All Wanted To Be One Of The Girls


2. Where Are They Now?


3. Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girls


4. Go Sis!


5. Then & Now


6. Just For the Beauties


7. Pretty Girl


8. Isn’t It Ironic?