1. Gwen Stefani takes her children to church, but if you look closely, one of them didn’t think she was serious about leaving him behind.

Gwen Stefani Source:Splash News

2. Janelle Monae put on one hell of a show at the 9th Annual Clinton Global Citizen Awards event in NYC.

Janelle Monae Source:Splash News

3. Johnny Knoxville gave his son Rocko a ride on his shoulders, while his daughter Arlo held onto his wallet chain through the busy Studio City Farmers Market.

Johnny Knoxville Source:Splash News

4. John Legend is going to get some wings for dinner. Well, maybe not, but Chrissy Teigen did do some grocery shopping in L.A.

Chrissy Tiegen Source:Splash News

5. Chiwetel Ejiofor was spotted with his new girlfriend while leaving their hotel in NYC. Isn’t she lovely?

Chewitol Ejiofor Source:Splash News

6. Usher’s new wife Grace Miguel leaves their hotel to hit up “The Martian” premiere in New York.

Grace Miguel Source:Splash News

7. Christina Milian got a cupcake from a photographer for her birthday after going shopping in West Hollywood.

Christina Milian Source:Splash News

8. Usher leaves his NYC hotel with his wife shortly behind.

Usher Source:Splash News

9. Beyonce flashed a smile after grabbing some pizza with her husband in Brooklyn.

Beyonce Source:Splash News

10. Hov was on hand in BK as well.

Jay Z Source:Splash News
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