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1. Nas did his thing at an intimate concert for a crowd of 75 inspired young fans at The Sprite Corner in New York City.

Nas Source:Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

2. She bites! Alessandra Ambrosio has a popsicle while out with her son and husband.

Alessandria Ambrosio Source:Splash News

3. There’s getting dressed, and then there is getting dressed. Here is out and about in New York City.

Will I Am Source:Splash News

4. Christina Milian, you’re going to hurt your back carrying all those bags like that.

Christina Milian Source:Splash News

5. The Weeknd does his part to make a fan’s day after leaving the VMAs.

The Weeknd Source:Splash News

6. Kendall Jenner takes a selfie with a fan in New York City.

Kendall Jenner Source:Splash News

7. Dakota Fanning’s future is so bright she has to wear shades in Soho.

Dakota Fanning Source:Splash News

8. Hey Tyga!! WHAT ARE THOSE? Kris Jenner didn’t say that, but we really wish she did.

Kris jenner, tyga Source:Splash News

9. This is what Rihanna looks like while doing karaoke.

Rihanna Source:Splash News

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