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Beyoncé‘s name has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues, after photos from her British Vogue shoot were released. The images are stunning, capturing the worldwide superstar in so many different looks and feels. Inside, the mom of three’s interview is just as colorful, as she speaks on a range of topics from the actual beehives located at her home to the Carter family tradition of “Fashion Fridays.” It was just what we needed to keep up going during what has been a rollercoaster of a year.

“During quarantine, fashion was a place of escape for me,” Bey told the publication. “My kids and I came up with Fashion Fridays. Every Friday, we would dress up in my clothes or make clothes together and take each other’s pictures. It became a ritual for us and an opportunity to handle this crazy year together. The newest Ivy Park collection was inspired by this new tradition.”

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What’s more is the fact that the person behind these iconic shots of Bey is a young Black woman photographer. Her name is Kennedi Carter. In the behind-the-scenes clip Bey posted late last night, she’s seen praising Kennedi for all her hard work. Check that out up top.

Below, tune in to what the young creative had to say about partnering with British Vogue and Beyoncé and join us in saluting the up-and-coming QUEEN.

1. Did you know Kennedi is just 21 years old?

“For this to be my first cover, at 21 favored is an understatement. Manifest big as hell, your destiny & dreams will merge,” Kennedi captioned one photo of Bey. 

2. The Black community is her primary focus.

“Her work highlights the aesthetics & sociopolitical aspects of Black life as well as the overlooked beauties of the Black experience: skin, texture, trauma, peace, love and community. Her work aims to reinvent notions of creativity and confidence in the realm of Blackness,” Kennedi’s bio reads. 

3. Kennedi has credits in several major publications.

Birtish Vogue, TIME, and Men’s Health are just a few of the brands she’s worked with recently. 

4. She has a special love for Black queer couples.

“I’ve always admired the way Black people cling to each other. Black queer couples especially. The way we search for solace in our romantic lives and breathe air pockets of life inside of our lovers. When the world invalidates your being at every turn, sometimes it feels like romance can be the thing that reminds us we’re not alone,” she wrote on Instagram.

5. At times, her photography has been an outlet for reflecting on what she deserves in her own life.

Shooting her East Durham Love series “was this act of manifesting the type of love I think I deserve. There was this sense of longing and truly experiencing what it means to miss someone,” she said over the summer.

6. Isn’t she absolutely beautiful?

7. Head over to her Instagram (@internetbby) to check out some of her latest work.

And, of course, stay tuned to see what she does next!