The Daily Grind Video

1. Lady Gaga takes a swig of whiskey mid-song as a salute to the crowd during a performance at her ‘Cheek To Cheek’ tour with Tony Bennett.

Lady Gaga Source:Splash News

2. Christina Milian made sure she was fly for all the selfies as she hosted a Memorial Day cookout at a park in Studio City.

Christina Milian Source:Splash News

3. Christina’s daughter Violet is getting bigger. Here she is enjoying an ice cream during her mother’s cookout.

Violet Nash Source:Splash News

4. Do you see it? Take a long look at Ariana Grande’s amazing cat ears that she wore during a performance in Milan.

Ariana Grande Source:Splash News

5. Rihanna looks ready for business as she arrives at Heathrow Airport from New York. These bihs better have her money.

Rihanna Source:Splash News

6. Bella Thorne had some fun in Malibu as she goofed off with a friend during MDW.

Bella Thorne Source:Splash News

7. Taylor Swift wants all of NYC to know her legs are on fleek.

Taylor Swift Source:Splash News