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Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

The second season of Power Book II: Ghost is heating up.

Fans were completely thrown for a loop over the weekend, as episode 4 aired and a huge Tejada family secret was uncovered. “Gettin’ These Ends” kicked off with Professor Carrie Milgram being ambushed by her student lover’s aunt. “I told you to stop f*cking my nephew [Zeke] but you just couldn’t f*cking listen. So now, b*tch, you gonna talk,” Monet Tejada instructed Carrie, holding a gun to her head. Monet wanted to know if Carrie killed her old bae, Professor Jabari Reynolds, since Zeke was questioned about his disappearance. Of course, we know Tariq and Cane killed Jabari but motive is pointing at Carrie, who had a messy relationship with him, and Zeke, who started doing the nasty with Carrie and “became jealous” according to police theories. Monet charges Carrie with finding out who really killed Professor Jabari Reynolds, hoping she’ll be able to clear Zeke’s name. Meanwhile, Tariq is trying to pin Jabari’s murder on an NYPD detective (Ramirez, who is also dead), claiming there’s a police coverup underway. Tariq also hired his crooked attorney, Davis MacLean, to back Zeke. MacLean plans on rolling out “that full-court press” in order to bias any potential jury pool in Zeke’s favor, but the tactic backfires later on in the episode. Zeke is interviewed by THE Jemele Hill, who goes off-script and says publicly that police suspect Zeke hired Ramirez to kill Jabari (a reach, since there’s no proof).

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Meanwhile, Monet’s safe was robbed (and the Tejada family has three days to raise a $1 million dollar payment to MacLean) and Lauren and Tariq strolled into class holding hands. Lauren is pressured by police to wear a wire after drugs are found in her dorm room — they say its to help find the campus kingpin and Jabari’s killer (who, unbeknownst to her, is her boyfriend Tariq). Elsewhere, Cane is attempting to divide Tariq and his no. 2, Brayden, by having Brayden assist in robbing stash spots and jewelry stores to raise the milli needed for Zeke. Lorenzo Tejada won’t pay for Zeke’s defense. Tariq is trying to get custody of his little sister, Yasmine. And, Monet finally figures out who really killed Detective Ramirez.

In the most scandalous moment in the entire show so far, it’s revealed Zeke is actually Monet and Mecca’s son. “What am I supposed to tell my husband about another man paying my nephew’s million-dollar bill?” Monet asks her old bae Mecca, who fronted the money for Zeke’s defense. “I don’t know, Monet, maybe tell him I did what I needed to do to protect our son,” Mecca responds. “I didn’t know how to tell you,” Monet confesses.

“Gettin’ These Ends” ends with Cane planting the evidence for Ramirez’s murder in Tariq and Brayden’s dorm room. Check out some reactions from social media below.