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This week, Queen Naija and Clarence White are celebrating the first birthday of their son Legend White. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since the up-and-coming singer welcomed her second child, but the little guy is thriving and cute as can be and Queen hit Instagram with a video and birthday message that proves as much.

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“My Rainbow baby,” she began. “Thank you God for allowing me to give birth to a healthy PERFECT child again… when I thought I would never hear another heartbeat again. Legend you are strong, smart, beautiful… and I know you will live up to your name. Mommy loves you so much, unconditionally ❤️ thank you for showing me my heart could stretch out further than what I thought.”

More of Legend’s cutest Instagram moments below.

1. Wave Gods.

2. Got Milk?

3. Perfection.

4. Twinsies.

5. Nap Time.

6. Talk To The People, King.

7. Love.

8. Ten Toes Down.

9. Gimme My Bottle!

10. Bath Time.

11. Mommy Time.

12. Too Precious.

13. Too Cute.

14. Night Night.

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